10 Amazing Gadgets to Add to Your Kitchen Which Can Be Found at Amazon

Our kitchen has come a long way since the age of pottery, woodenware, and even steel. Some of the things that can be found in most kitchen nowadays is staple enough not to be replaced with anything else. But there are also those which have chosen to reinvent themselves to add convenience and refreshment to the kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a stylish product which will add glamor to the kitchen when displayed alone or a functional one which is aimed at making the chores at the kitchen feel like fun, there is literally a myriad of products to choose from.  

However, you do not have to run to the nearest retail store to find and procure them. Why spend your precious time and energy—and car gas—having to travel to a shop, when you can just buy any of them online?

At Amazon, no less! 


10 Amazing Kitchen Gizmos

The kitchen is a place where many things happen. Apart from being a place where dining and socialization would ideally take place, it is also a venue where a certain “magic” happens. That is, turning simple ingredients into foods by means of cooking.

For the experienced cooks, the kitchen is commonplace for different cooking activities, or dare I say, “alchemy.” Whether it is something as simple as making a solid out of a liquid such as boiling or frying egg, or even mashing multi-colored ingredients as making a salad. (What have you?) But for the more sophisticated, it may entail an activity such as turning heavily kneaded and battered dough into home-made pizza to celebrate an occasion for the family.

Yet, for activities as varied as food-making, it is clear that there is no such thing as a “one size, fits all” approach to preparing foods in the kitchen, especially involving cooking instruments. Generally the case, you would need more than just a knife, a chopping board, a pot, and a spatula in order to make use of your kitchen to its fullest.

Hence, for this list, we selected 10 of the best products we can find at Amazon without a single category to them all—apart from being electronics in nature, except for one.

Product NameDoes it run on energy?How many watts?PriceBuy Now
Spiralizer Ultimate 7No0$29.97Buy Now
Ozeri Pronto ZK14-SYesN/A$11.40Buy Now
Hamilton Beach 49980AYes950$49.88Buy Now
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand BlenderYes500$29.99Buy Now
Dash Rapid Egg CookerYes360$19.97Buy Now
NutriBullet NBR-1201Yes600$49.88Buy Now
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNYYes720$157.59Buy Now
Mueller Austria Electric KettleYes1110$29.98Buy Now
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain PlusYes850$149.95Buy Now
Cozyna Air FryerYes1500$59.99Buy Now
Amazon Instant PotYes$149.95Buy Now

1. Spiralizer Ultimate 7


Chopping your favorite fruits or veggies into tinier or smaller pieces is not necessarily a task fit for the crafty with hands. Anyone can easily do the job so long as the person has the right wits about it. 

But it does pose a serious risk of harm if you do it the traditional way, by means of a knife. Getting yourself accidentally cut as being the most common problem. The issue even becomes significantly more pressing the more intricate the output you are trying to produce.

The Spiralizer Ultimate 7 addresses this issue by letting the convoluted task of cutting or slicing fruits or veggies a more secure and streamlined process. This is thanks to the product’s perfect blend of complex design, featuring 7 stainless steel blades, and ingenious functionality.

How it works is actually pretty simple. Using your favorite blade and fruit or veggie in place in the tool, you let the Spiralizer Ultimate 7 make a grind-cut using a rotating handle. The overall process is not necessarily effortless. But it does lessen the risk of harm and the effort for the job when compared to doing it manually.


What I Like

While I do not necessarily have a phobia about cutting myself accidentally with a knife, the novelty that the Spiralizer Ultimate 7 offers is definitely a welcome experience in the kitchen. The product itself is not necessarily free from sharp parts. But how they have been incorporated is substantially less inclined to pose harm than the pointy knife. 

Another major perk that comes with Spiralizer Ultimate 7 is the inclusion of 7 easy-to-install and easy-to-remove unique blades that offer a variety of slices to any food. 

What I Don’t Like

However, before you would come to realize how amazing this product truly is, you might be hard-pressed to spend a little time familiarizing with the product. Although the learning curve is not necessarily steep by any stretch, it is not a kind of product that is easily understood right out of the box.



2. Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S

Are you ever in doubt that the products you buy is on the right weight as advertised? Or are you simply curious how much weight a single serving of any particular food has? Whatever the reason, a kitchen and food scale like the Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S will always have a place in any dining and cooking place.

The Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S is not your traditional analog weighing scale whose outdated—and other times, faulty—design is prone to false reading. Nowadays, digital is king and is something which the Pronto ZK14-S actually is. Although providing precise measure is one thing about a good-quality digital scale like the Pronto ZK14-S, it is also capable of other amazing things. For example, it is perfectly capable of switching between different units of measure concerning weight and volume. 

For added level of precision, there is also the “Precision Tare Button” which gives an information on the net weight of the ingredients. The result is calculated by the machine having the awareness to distinguish between the weight of the ingredients themselves and that of the container which holds them. 

What I Like

The ability to switch between units of measure and even selectively make a scale on either weight or volume is a fun feature which substantially adds novelty to the Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S’s usage. The “amusement” aspect is even further compounded by the fact that you can get a reliable information on the net weight of the ingredients you are weighing. 

What I Don’t Like

Although simplicity and functionality are the prevailing themes about this product, the overall appearance of Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S might seem overly plain for certain tastes. This is probably especially true to the “less colored” variants which show little vibrancy in terms of color scheme. But I could just be being nitpicky about the product’s appearance.



3. Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker

It is hard to imagine a household without a coffee drinker in it. While coffee is not yet a universal drink for everybody, to state that coffee drinkers around the world is “many” makes for a serious understatement. This idea inevitably brings coffee maker machines closer to home and therefore a staple among mocha-drinking people.

If you are looking for one of the best coffee makers money can afford at Amazon, then look no further than the Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker. As a product which proficiently combines both functionality and style, this coffee maker is a marvel in terms of looks and actual usage. 

What I Like

Not necessarily over-the-top, but one look at the Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker can give you a hint of sophistication that is put into its making. It is quite elegant which makes for a good display in the kitchen. 

Another perk I find with the product is indeed its ability to brew coffee, whether basic or premium, with relative efficiency than doing it the old-fashion way. Furthermore, the ability to choose between making a single serve coffee or a carafe is a truly convenient option which adapts to different situations. 

What I Don’t Like

Although not coming from a personal experience, there are complaints about the coffee maker producing a somewhat plastic-tasting brewed coffee. There are also claims that the “weird” taste would still lingers even after doing a needed vinegar cleanse. The problem appears to be rooted in having received a faulty product and thereby can be addressed by actual product replacement.  



4. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender

Having to constantly stir and batter in the kitchen is a task that often leads to sore muscles on the arm. While this may not seem to be big a deal to an occasional cook, it is more so to those whose workspace—or commonplace area—is the kitchen. This could mean anybody who goes into the kitchen such as mom while preparing foods at home, the baker who makes delicious treats, or the cook who makes delectable dishes. 

But who would like to experience pain, even when doing the thing they like such as preparing foods, when there is a pain-free alternative about it?

Introducing the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender—a motor-powered multi-purpose hand blender for kitchen people to use in making smoothies, soups, milk shakes, and baby food. 

What I Like

There is nothing particularly ground-breaking about the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender when it comes to design. But it does give off that refined vibe which makes it relatively modern and something that will appeal to most people. 

At 500 watts of power, this hand blender takes a substantial amount of energy but is also an indicator that its motor packs more capability than the average product of its kind. 

Then, there is the warranty. Normally, I would not consider the duration of any product’s warranty as a perk. But if you have doubt that this product will not lasts you more than 1 year, you would find assurance that the money you paid for will not be wasted within the span of 2 years. This is thanks indeed to the product’s 2-year warranty. 

What I Don’t Like

Despite its amazing exterior and seemingly good performance, the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender is not necessarily premium in build through and through. Some parts of the insides are actually made of plastic which contrast that of the item’s otherwise metallic parts. You may want to keep that warranty card handy for the next two years just in case, you know… it breaks. 



5. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Egg is a staple food in most countries for its relatively affordable price and easy acquisition. This is not to mention that the egg, too, makes for an excellent source of protein which is essential in the human diet. Knowing egg as part of the human diet, there is more than one way it is served—it can either be fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, or even turned into an omelet. 

Cooking an egg for meal is not necessarily rocket science. Each variant in its cooking, however, does entail a method that is significantly unique from the rest. But sometimes we would just wish that there is an easier method to cooking egg apart from the traditional.

Dream no more, Dash Rapid Egg Cooker has all the answer to all your “egg-as-food”-related dilemma—it can cook egg in any manner for you, so long as it is not a convoluted dish. 

What I Like

The idea of being able to cook an egg with some level of automation, as opposed to traditional cooking via the stove, is indeed a significant convenience especially in today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyle. Being able to cook the egg in any manner, as facilitated simply by changing the tray, also undeniably adds to the comfort of the user.

What I Don’t Like

As much as we would like to take the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker as the best and most versatile egg cooker out there in the market, the output may not necessarily fit everyone’s taste. While some may find the egg cooker’s produce to be at par when done with a cooking pot, others find the result to be less satisfactory. But, then again, this is strictly nuanced by preference, mostly. 



6. NutriBullet NBR-1201

Health buffs cannot live a normal life without their daily doses of organic vitamins and minerals. For something that comes naturally from foods, one efficient method of extracting those needed healthful contents would oftentimes involve crushing and pulverizing ingredients into their far smaller parts through a blender. This is far more efficient than simply separating the juices from the solid parts by means of hands and is significantly more nutrient-dense as everything about the ingredients are intact—nothing is wasted.

For the genuine health-conscious people, therefore, a blender makes for a staple component of the kitchen and not something to miss out on—as quite literally, their health is dependent on it.

There are plenty of blender products that made their way into Amazon. But the NutriBullet NBR-1201 specifically caught our attention for a few notable factors—its seemingly innovative yet simplistic design, relative ease of use, in addition to its affordable price. 

What I Like

Right off the bat, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is a product that is unlike many of its kind. When most blenders are almost quite identical with one another in terms of physical appearance, this product by NutriBullet is quite unique, yet at the same time also familiar. The most conspicuous distinction lies in its size relative to its layout—yet, not large enough to be a concern in terms of consumable space. 

While nothing groundbreaking to brag about, the NBR-1201’s schematic is a stray from the traditional and an adoption of the trendier “top-down” approach. For a kind of alignment that goes against the laws of physics, the process is substantially spill-proof which makes usage simple and problem-free.  

As for performance, the NBR-1201 is a truly capable and versatile enough as a machine in what it does. It can literally break, whatever reasonably is thrown at it, into their far smaller components. But for optimum effectivity and as a precaution, it is always advisable to keep the ingredients to be mashed in chunks instead of putting everything you can fit into the container whole. 

What I Don’t Like

As much as we are pleased with how the product performs overall, it is not necessarily entirely perfect. In the case of this evaluation, it is noticed that the product itself is not entirely balanced—meaning, it shakes—when operating under load. However, the quality of the surface to where the product stands might also have an influence to it. Regardless, this flaw is quite concerning in that it cannot be left on its own to do its work which might be a factor to those who might be expecting a seamless level of functionality. 



7. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

There is no question that chopping ingredients with speed and precision in a uniform pattern is a skill that typically sets one cook apart from others. Not only is it a skill learned through constant experience in cooking, it is one also developed and nurtured by the experts. 

But as amazing as being able to cut ingredients into pieces with symmetry is, it is no longer a skill that is not easily imitated, let alone surpassed, by simply having the right gizmo in the kitchen. With the introduction of food processors, cutting and chopping food ingredients for cooking has not only become an easy task, it also paved way for accuracy and quickness that is far better and more efficient than human hands could. 

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY makes for another great addition to a line-up of food processors currently in the market, which you can also find in Amazon—and for good reasons. 


What I Like

If you have already had your hands on Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY, the first thing that you will notice—and possibly what would compel anyone to opt for the same product—is in its ability to render “knife tasks” with relatively less effort. It all happens with just a press or a hold of a button. 

But how long or how short you hold onto the button would mean a difference between two kinds of result. This is worth considering especially if your purpose for using the product is just to make a “quick slice” to your ingredients, not make a “creamy” consistency for dressing or a dip. 

Literally, nothing escapes this food processor’s fast-rotating blades in that even as tiny and flexible as a veggie leaf gets dissected when thrown in it.

And by “fast,” we actually really mean like “seconds fast” when doing slices to any ingredients, even in substantially larger bulks which is close to impossibility with a knife on hand. Depending on how fast or slow you are about using the knife to cut and chop on food ingredients, using this food processor will literally save you valuable minutes. 

What I Don’t Like

We may well be being nitpicky here to state this as a flaw, but cutting your ingredients with the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is not necessarily perfect. Although it is indeed capable of rendering the level performance and service which its user will expect it to, there may be occasional mishap wherein certain ingredients will get lodged under the blade. This is not necessarily a problem does it not easily fixed with little intervention, yet it is still worth mentioning just for awareness. 



8. Mueller Austria Electric Kettle

Having some hot water for drink in the kitchen has become a staple in many households today. Whether the environmental condition is chilly or not, nothing beats a cup of joe or a cup of tea in one’s hand. Sometimes, when it is not about the weather, we simply like to sip from time to time as we go on throughout the rest of the day. For something that has become essential in most people’s lives, the kettle—which now comes in electric form—has built a reputation as a household name. 

The Mueller Austria Electric Kettle is a product which fuses the benefits that comes originally with the kettle as well as the convenience that comes with being electric-powered, hence the name. 

Yet, while the “electric kettle” does not necessarily replaces the traditional over-the-fire kettle, people who live their lives less dependent on gas—and therefore, fire—will find the modernized electric version to be a viable solution to producing hot water when needed. The idea, after all, is pretty simple and straightforward—just put a water in the electric kettle, plug it at your kitchen’s wall outlet, wait for a few minutes for the water to boil, and voila, you have already a hot water for your coffee or tea or for whatever other use you have in mind. 


What I Like

Some people may argue that the need for an electric kettle is nullified if a household either has other heating contraption in it like an over or an electric stove-top. While this is true, the difference boils down to one very important aspect of the comparison—the efficiency of electric usage. 

With the ability to produce hot water at a faster rate than both of the aforementioned contraptions, using the Mueller Austria Electric Kettle makes for an energy-efficient choice in the long run. Subsequently, this meant that reasonable use of this product suggests lower numbers on your electricity bill’s bottom line than when opting for other means. 

What I Don’t Like

The Mueller Austria Electric Kettle’s durability is a subject of debate. While many consumers find the product’s endurance to be satisfactory, there are those whose claims are otherwise. Personally, this is not an issue we have encountered given the limitations of the testing process—we have only tried to use the product a couple of times to see how it generally performs. But the probable major flaw mentioned is indeed worth pointing out. 

If, by any chance, you went ahead of purchased this product before or after reading this, it would be wise that keep the product’s warranty card and receipt in case something untoward it happens. 



9. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

“You are what you eat,” as the age-old saying says. For the most part, this is true. The quality of what you consume literally becomes a part of you and would mean a difference between being in a state of good health and one in relative toxicity that is predisposed to sickness. Health buffs know for sure that when it comes to healthful foods—and thereby maintaining good health—it all must come from organic sources. The same ones that are provided and harvested from nature.

However, let us also be honest to admit that not all organic foods are palatable—some of them, particularly veggies, actually tastes bad. This is particularly a fact to those accustomed to “food-like” products whose main selling point boils down to taste instead of nutrition, as typically enjoyed from processed foods.

But therein lies the leverage of juicing, which is the extraction of food ingredients liquid essences. What our mouths cannot tolerate to chew, drinking—with the ingredients turned to liquid—makes for an easier means of consumption authentic healthful foods. 

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus takes advantage of the fact that not everybody has the palate to munch the healthy greens, but has the capability to swallow if in liquid form. 

What I Like

Most juicer products are not necessarily known for their simplistic design, despite sharing the same concept in all of them. One of the most notable aspect of the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is on the facet of design which is sophisticated enough to be considered modern. It’s elegant and sophisticated looks alone easily makes this product a winner in terms of display in the kitchen.

But what is a juicer product is not for its very functionality alone? That is, to turn solid ingredients into juice by separating the liquid components from the solid. 

Therein lies the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus’s another major strength—it simply works as expected. The implementation places consideration to two different qualities of ingredients to derive juice from—solid ingredients like carrots or apple; or squishy ingredients like the orange or banana. It literally converts any foods you throw at it into liquid for simple drinking, essentially “drinking” your “food”. 

What I Don’t Like

Like most process-intensive products, a juicer like the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is not free from attrition through subsequent wear-and-tear. One major gripe we have with the product lies in the quality of the output. It produces some substantial amount of frothy foam to juices, which is a badly oxidized air, that is commonplace on many smoothies. Although this is something that is easily removed so as not to be consumed, it is still relatively concerning.  


10. Cozyna Air Fryer

Ever wished that the French fries you consume is healthful for you, instead of detrimental to your health? Hence, all the bad raps the fried potato—and all fried foods in general—garner as a food. But think about it—is not potato a healthy source of food with it being a bounty from nature?

The real problem is not the potato itself, which is a root crop that is rich in a variety of healthful nutrients. The real cause of the problems with anything that is cooked fried is actually the oil used in their cooking. In fact, even good oils if not consumed in moderation is bad for health. You can only imagine the level of damage which unhealthy oil poses to our wellbeing if used in cooking.

But what if I tell you that there is a means to “fry” the potatoes without using too much oil in the process? Unbelievable? 

Well, with Cozyna Air Fryer, you better believe it!

What I Like

Advocates of “oil-less” frying claim that this process is more realistic than just imaginative and the Cozyna Air Fryer is apparently a testament to that fact. While the method per se does not altogether removed the presence of cooking oil, it substantially mitigates the amount of cooking oil used in the process. Not only does this mean that you would be using less cooking oil with your fries every single time you cook, you also expose your body to less amount of oils, even with good ones. 

As the product’s name would insinuate, the “magic” comes down to the Cozyna Air Fryer’s ability to produce hot air which circulates in its cooking space that efficient heats and cooks whatever is in it. 

Adding to the overall convenience of cooking is the digital display which gives users pertinent information about the cooking process, including the temperature and the cooking time.

What I Don’t Like

One major complaint we have with the Cozyna Air Fryer is in the aspect of its cleaning, specifically the basket. Although it is understandable that this is the piece where the most mess lies given this is where the food is being cooked, cleaning every nook and cranny by hands is not always necessarily easy. 



  • Cooks with minimal oil
  • Efficient in cooking simple fried foods



  • Cleaning can be a chore at times


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