10 Best Budget-Friendly Places to Eat in Quezon City (Metro Manila)

Wondering where to eat in Quezon City? Then, visit Maginhawa Street and its nearby streets! You’ll find plenty of restaurants, food parks, and street food spots serving different cuisines, from Filipino and Vietnamese to Italian and Middle Eastern food. Maginhawa is a must-visit in Quezon City – a food strip in the North for real foodies. It’s also near schools, so it’s no surprise you’ll find many budget-friendly places to eat while exploring this vibrant city.

But with many food spot choices, deciding where to eat and get your money’s worth is difficult. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 best budget-friendly places to eat in Quezon City for your next food crawl!

(Note: The restaurants are arranged in no particular order, and the stated prices may change without prior notice.)

1. Rodic’s Diner

If you’re craving savory meals without spending too much, visit Rodic’s Diner in Quezon City. Since 1949, Rodic’s Diner has been serving affordable and tasty Tapa in the country. This restaurant serves classic Silog Meals for only P130 to P160, from Tapsilog to Boneless Bangus Silog, making it a popular spot for students and foodies on a budget.

They have different kinds of Longganisa, including Lucban, Garlic, and Cabanatuan Longsilog. Rodic’s Diner also offers classic Filipino viands, such as Beef Caldereta, Dinuguan, Lechon Paksiw, and three variants of Sinigang, from pork, bangus (milkfish), and salmon.

2. Yummy Tokyo

Craving for ramen but don’t have much in your pocket? Whether you want to treat yourself or go on a date, this ramen restaurant in Maginhawa will not disappoint. Yummy Tokyo is another go-to place for students, offering Japanese food for a reasonable price. Here, you can grab a bowl of ramen for as low as P179 to P199.

While their Ramen Overload with 6 pieces of gyoza only costs P239. This restaurant also offers rice and bento meals, ranging from P99 to P149. You can also snack on their onigiri or takoyaki for only P69!

3. Steakfix

If you’re into something fancy and meaty, visit Steakfix at Maginhawa Street. This steakhouse offers a casual dining experience where you can create your own steak platters. At Steakfix, you can enjoy a steak with one (1) side dish for as low as P195.

This steakhouse serves t-bone and porterhouse cuts paired with different sides of your choice, from linguini, pizza, salad, rice, parmesan fries, mushroom cheese scramble, mash, and corn. Aside from that, this place serves burgers, chicken wings, and desserts. So, check out Steakfix to celebrate something special!

4. Shao Kao Grillery

Are you a fan of grilled food but want to eat something healthy? If so, there’s no better place to be than the Shao Kao Grillery! This restaurant serves Chinese street barbecue on a stick at an affordable price. Shao Kao Grillery offers grilled meats ranging from pork, chicken, steak, and fish from P38 to P120.

In addition, they serve Hungarian sausage for P80, shrimp for P125, and lamb kebab for P150. You can also try their grilled vegetables, like broccoli, eggplant, baby potato, sweet corn, cabbage, and romaine lettuce – perfect for those on a vegan lifestyle!

5. Saigon Pho

True foodies are not afraid of trying different cuisines. So, if you want to expand your palate and try something new, check out Saigon Pho in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City! This restaurant serves reasonably priced authentic Vietnamese cuisine, from Pho and Banh Mi to rice noodles and desserts.

Saigon Pho serves Pomelo salad, Vietnamese Salad Rolls, crepes, and fried egg rolls for P170 to P220. They also offer a lunch special for only P199 and a bowl of noodle soup for P220 to P350. Of course, don’t forget to try their Vietnamese Coffee for only P120.

6. Fat Cousins’

Another must-visit food spot in Quezon City is the Fat Cousins’ bringing bang for the buck tasty meals. This diner offers affordable steak from P298 to P318 and baby back ribs for only P558 – the perfect place for an extra special dining experience without breaking the bank.

At Fat Cousins’, you can also enjoy starters, soup, pasta, salad, and desserts from P108 to P248. They also have sides ranging from buttered corn to potato wedges for only P28 to P98. If you’re a big eater, you can enjoy unlimited rice and drinks by adding P98 to your favorite meals!

7. Friuli Trattoria

The Friuli Trattoria is a great place to dine with your family and friends, boasting authentic Italian cuisine for an affordable price! This restaurant is a must-visit for pizza lovers, where you can grab classic flavors for as low as P265, while the most expensive premium flavor is at P380.

You can even order two flavors in one pizza and add more toppings for P100. The restaurant also serves pasta, desserts, and party trays. Friuli Trattoria also has combo meals for only P250 to P295, where you can get a little of everything.

8. Bugis Singapore Street Food

Want to try other Asian cuisines but on a budget? Then, head to Bugis Singapore Street Food in Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City! This restaurant is known for its best-selling Soy Chicken Rice Bowl (P165) and the classic Singaporean Laksa (P250). They also have budget-friendly meals, such as the Economical Beehon for P65, Singapore Ramen for P100, and Nasi Goreng Rice for only P125.

This restaurant also serves classic Singaporean favorites, including Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang, Chicken Satay, and Mee Goreng. Bugis also serves breakfast drinks, from brewed coffee to fruit tea.

9. Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

Serving kebabs and shawarma since 2006, Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub is another must-visit in Quezon City. They also have other branches offering unlimited kebabs for only P500. This restaurant is a go-to for those craving Middle-Eastern food, from shawarma, kebab, manakeesh, and moussaka.

At Uncle Moe’s, you can grab shawarma for only P160 to P265 and Shawarma Rice for P260 to P275. If you’re a kebab fan, you can enjoy it from P240 to P255. For starters, Uncle Moe’s serves hummus, moutabal, tapenade, ox brian, and keema nachos.

10. Tramway Garden Buffet

Last but not the least is the Tramway Garden Buffet – the ideal place to dine with your family and friends or big groups. It’s considered one of the top affordable buffet restaurants in Metro Manila – with branches in Banawe, Timog Avenue, and Roxas Boulevard.

Tramway Garden Buffet serves crowd-favorite Chinese dishes that are delicious yet affordable. This restaurant offers one of the lowest buffet prices in the market. As of August 2023, here is the buffet rate of Tramway:

  • Adult – P358
  • Kids (3ft-4ft) – P250
  • Kids (2ft-3ft) – P145
  • Senior Citizen and PWD – P255.71





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