10 Realistic Ways to Make Money $$$ with Your Cooking Skills – Proven & Effective!

Do you consider yourself to be a great cook? Do you have some confidence that people will love what you create in the kitchen? If so, you can easily make some money on the side and even full time. You don’t have to be a professional chef to make money from the food you make. If you’re passionate enough with your cooking and making different kinds of dishes using Filipino recipes or otherwise, you’re in a great position to start.
Cooking skills are highly sought after and there always some people willing to pay money, even big amounts, to eat some deliciously food. If you’re looking for any ideas on how to earn money using your cooking skills, here are ten ways to do just that.

Read on to learn 10 Realistic Ways to Make Money $$$ with Your Cooking Skills – Proven & Effective!:

1. Make Food Blogs

In the age of the internet, it’s much easier to connect people all over the world. Create your own website and start a food blog to earn some money. You can let your creativity run with your with food blogging. Aside from showcasing your cooking skills, you can blog about anything you want related to food.

You’ll need to have a big enough audience to start capitalizing off your food blog. You’ll probably start a small audience at first. If you’re passionate enough about your food and cooking and show it through your blog, you’ll gain enough attention to eventually start earning coin. 

The main source of income with this food blogging is through putting ads on your cooking blogs. Encourage your audience to click and read through the ads and you’ll get paid.

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2. Become an Affiliate to Ingredients and Cooking Products

Becoming an affiliate to cooking ingredients and cooking products ties in with the previous entry of running your own food blogs. Affiliate links are just like ads but it’s mainly ads for products by brands that wants to advertise on your food blog. You’ll get to earn a commission whenever one of your audience click on your affiliate links to buy the brand’s products.

Just like with food blogging, the larger audience you have, the more people will get to click on your affiliate links. So it’s important to have analytics on how many people view your blog. If brands see that they can get enough exposure to get sells on your blog, you’ll easily get approached by bigger and bigger brands and eventually get bigger commissions as a result.

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3. Do Some Catering

If you’re not that tech savy which is a requirement for making food blogs and making money through ads or affiliate links, something like catering may be a good option for you. You can easily enter the catering business as a small scale caterer as there’s no shortage of people looking for businesses that can provide large portions of food.

For example, there are a lot of small and big events everyday in the Philippines be it for fiestas or small celebrations. Have a list of recipes that you know you can produce in bulk and advertise it on social media or just through word of mouth to get requests. Another option is taking request from friends and families who needs food for parties. Take into account what ingredients and equipment you’ll need and factor them in your rate.

4. Sell Individual Meals

There are a lot people out there that lives an incredibly busy life. Offering your service by selling meals á la carte. You can easily do this at home. You can prepare a menu of the list of meals, snacks, and drinks you can sell to customers. Advertise this on your social media to gain a larger reach. 

Of course, you’ll also need to take into account the ingredients and equipment you need to use for the food you’re preparing. Figure out where to buy affordable but quality ingredients and you’ll have a sustainable source of income.

Delivery services are becoming more and more coming nowadays. Partner up delivery service companies and have your menu advertised on their website. Your food will easily get delivered to busy and hungry individuals who doesn’t have time to cook.

5. Make Cooking Videos

Making cooking videos is a lucrative method to earn income in today’s world of the internet and YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the world with brands always on the lookout on which channel to advertise their products.

Invest in a quality camera, tripod, and editing skills to make quality videos if you want to start a cooking channel on YouTube. There are already a whole lot of other cooking channels becoming successful on the website and you could be one of them too.

Let your creativity run wild with not just your cooking skills but with how you make your videos as well. Showcase unique Filipino recipes on your videos, post regularly, and interact with your audience. It’s a sure way to gain a large following and income. 

6. Teach Cooking Lessons

Teaching cooking lessons as a way of earning money is a great option if you’ve acquired great skills and knowledge in the kitchen and food. However, starting may be a bit tricky. It’s easy to advertise your cooking lessons but you need a good enough reputation with how good of a cook you are for people to sign up.

Teaching cooking lessons are food for cooks who have a strong enough audience who would want to get a personal lesson. Caterers or YouTube cooking hosts will have a better chance of attracting people who would want to pay for lessons on cooking.

If you’re in the catering business or have any customers of any kind, you’ll probably get questions on how you prepare certain dishes or what ingredients are the best to use. If you have enough of these questions, you can offer cooking lessons which they will willingly pay for.

7. Sell Pastries and Desserts

In our opinion, this is one of the best methods to earn money with your cooking/baking skills. You’ll always have a steady stream of customers if you’re selling any kind of pastries or desserts. As long as you have an oven, you can bake all types of pastries and snacks and sell them. You can bake a homemade cake that has a personal touch and sell them for the people you know upon request.

Bake big portions of cookies or other bite sized pastries to sell online or to the neighborhood kids. Desserts like mango float, gelatin, or coffee jelly among others are hugely popular in parties. There are endless possibilities on which pastries, desserts, and even kakanin you can sell.

8. Work as a Personal Chef

One of the most lucrative deals you can make as a personal who have immense skills in cooking and great knowledge in food is getting hired as a personal chef. Nowadays, you don’t need to enter culinary school or a fancy certificate to become someone’s personal chef. 

And a being personal doesn’t mean that you have to available in a client’s home 24/7. It usually means that you can offer your cooking skills whenever a client needs something prepared like a catering, fancy dinner, baking a cake, prepare snacks for a meeting, etc. You also get to set your own prices and have as many clients you can manage. You can also find a busy client and prepare meals that they can’t prepare themselves.

9. Create a Meal Planning Service

This one guarantees a set time of service to the clients you acquire. Creating meal plans for individuals with potentially different dietary needs and goals requires a skilled and knowledgable cook. This job will also test your creativity and strategy making as meeting the requirements that your client’s diet has set.

Your clients for your meal planning service can include the elderly, people with a specialized diet becaues of an illness or injury, people wanting to loose weight or bulk up. You’ll be helping them with meal prep, grocery shopping, and developing recipes for their specific diets.

Communication is key and you can set your rate in a weekly basis and take on as many clients as you can manage.

10. Open Your Own Carinderia

Lastly, you can open your own carinderia, cafe, diner, or restaurant to earn money from your cooking skills. This type of income would require some investment, not only with your time in the kitchen. We suggest starting with a small carinderia, cafe, or diner. You can either rent out a space. If you have an open space at your home that you can use, you can convert that into a small establishment for eating.

Opening a small carinderia is probably the easiest option. You can just make a stall at the front of your house and display the different dishes that you’ve made in your kitchen. You can make your carinderia for take out only. This is also possible for diners and cafes. Plus, delivery is always an option.

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