11 Uses of Coconut and Its Benefits

Usually, people are confused whether Coconut is a fruit, seed, or nut. Some have different definition of what coconut really is. According to the botanists, it is a fibrous one-seeded drupe. From the classification of other people, coconut can be considered as a fruit, nut, or a seed.

Whatever the classification of coconut may be, there are more than these details that we must know about this product. Coconut palms grow almost everywhere, but mostly in tropical countries. You might wonder: What are the uses of coconut and how can you make the most of it?

A refreshing drink under the summer heat

You would love the sweetness and naturally cooled water coming from the coconut. If you are taking a journey and you are getting thirsty throughout the day, just grab some coconut from the tree and your thirst would be fully satisfied. You can do whatever you want with coconut juice. You can add milk and more ice into it. Adding milk would be really a good choice and absolutely enhance its flavor.

A natural moisturizer

No need to go through lots of beauty sections at the mall just to figure out what would be the best moisturizer that best fits you. Coconut Oil is one of the ingredients of some beauty products if you take a look at it.

Coconut water is a good source of lots of minerals and nutrients.

Are you having diarrhea or are you vomiting for some reason? You might be losing much electrolyte in your body that makes you weak and dehydrated. Coconut water is the best source of electrolyte. It will make your body stronger for it has vitamins and minerals that makes your immunity stronger. Drinking out of this coconut will be probably a life saver.

Coconut oil soothes your food intolerance, gallbladder disease or acid reflux.

Using coconut oil that over-the-counter drugs will save you much more money and also save you from the unimaginable side effects of such drugs. If you know how to make your own virgin coconut oil, you can make it at home, but if you are not confident enough to do it your own, you can buy in different stores or you can find it mostly in pharmacies. Drink two tablespoons of virgin coconut three times a day if you are having problems cited above.

The coconut shell can be used as a charcoal.

You see, coconut has many uses. You can also use the shell as a charcoal. In the Philippines, some household who are living in the provinces use charcoal more than gasoline when cooking. It is also money saver especially when you own coconut produce in your land.

Coconut tree turns into houses

“Cocolumber” is one of the basic lumber used in building houses in the Philippines. It is also one of the most available product in that country. Actually, coconut tree trunk can be used not only for houses but also for building boats and furniture.

“Well, what about the leaves?” Don’t worry, coconut got it.

In Maldives, the leaves are used for roofing. Some people used it to wrap their food. Some uses it for storage.

Sticks coming from the leaves that serve as a broom.

If you’ve been living in the Philippines for a long time, you probably know how Filipino uses the sticks coming from the coconut tree. In every front yard of every Filipino household surely has it in their home.

Gives you a delicious meal with a combination of coconut milk in your dish

Foreigners who are visiting the Philippines probably know about the vegetable wherein coconut milk is used. Coconut milk can be used in various dishes. It gives more unique taste that makes you want it for more. Curry dish is one of the most famous dish in the Southeast Asian country, and it would not be possible without it.

The meat of coconut “wows” your taste buds.

Young coconut meat has a great taste and you will surely enjoy it. Most of the time, coconut meat is eaten with the coconut water or juice and milk.

Coconut meat turns into copra – common business in the Philippines.

Filipinos usually turns their coconut tree as business material. They are selling it. Sadly, the copra’s price is fluctuating. The cost of copra may be high or low depending on the demand-supply principle.

The truth is, there are 1000 uses of coconut tree and I can’t cite it all in just one article. Coconut is just one example of what nature could give us. There are more land produce that makes our lives healthier and easier. Without these natural plants, our lives would not be innovative as what we are experiencing now. Appreciate it and makes use of it.

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