14 Beauty Hack Uses for Green Tea

12.Healthy Nails

The powerful punch of nutrients and antioxidants in green tea makes your nails stronger and prevents brittleness. Soak your nails in the herbal decoction prepared from dried green tea leaves to get shiny nails.

13.Green Tea Hair Grower

Green tea stimulates hair follicles and fastens the hair growth. Since, it has vitamin E, C and polyphenols, which strengthen your strands. Prepare an herbal rinse from dried green tea leaves and wash off your locks with this decoction after shampooing. You can also drink this herbal tea thrice a day to increase the effectiveness of this remedy.

14.Green Tea Dandruff Hair Rinse

In order to treat the itchy dandruff, rinse your head with green tea. It will exfoliate the dry scalp and helps prevent dandruff flakes. You may also add lemon zest and its essential oil to make it more effectual.

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