15 Cool, Useful & Amazing Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy from Lazada

Online shopping is a great way to get cheaper prices for items you’ve been meaning to buy for your kitchen for a long time. It’s also a great way to discover new and innovative kitchen gadgets that not only can be essential to your cooking process but also make time in the kitchen more enjoyable. There are also those kitchen gadgets that can increase the quality of your life or nutrition no matter your living condition, be it in a dorm or a spacious home. And you can buy all these gadgets from online shops like Lazada hassle-free. 

So read further for cool and amazing kitchen gadgets you buy from Lazada.

1. Food Processor

Philips HR7761 Food Processor

A food processor is a great investment for your kitchen. It can do the heavy prep work for those who don’t want to do all the dicing, mincing, slicing, whisking or blending. Plus, it can save a lot of time for those who are in a hurry and just want to get their stove started. You can choose a variety of food processors in Lazada. Many of them come with free accessories and freebies that make their food processor more multifunctional than it already is. Use it for heavy stuff like grinding meat or something as quick and simple such as making a salad.

2. Rice Cooker

D&D Micromatic MRC-868D Rice Cooker 1.8L Good for 10-12 Persons_Green

A rice cooker is probably the most essential kitchen gadget you’ll need in an Asian kitchen. It makes cooking rice so much simpler and quicker. Plus, you can avoid overcooking your rice and rice cookers prevent that hard and burned layer when you’ve reached the bottom of the pot. 

There’s a whole range of rice cookers to choose from in Lazada with different designs and sizes for different amounts of rice you need to cook. Whether for a big family in a big home or students in their dorm.

3. Blender


For the more health-conscious individuals out there, a blender will immensely help with making healthy smoothies for your day, a gym workout, or a run around the park. A blender will blend all your healthy fruits and veggies to the right consistency that you want. You can also make delicious and flavorful ice shakes any time of the day with a blender. No need to go out to your local shop or cafe to get that cool and refreshing drink. Of course, there a variety of blenders you can choose from Lazada. Choose the best one you like that fits in with your budget. Some even come with freebies and accessories. 

4. Iron Wok

Old-Fashioned Iron No Coating Wok Household tie chao guo Chef Hotel Only Big Village Festive Gourd Ladle in Wok Frying Pan Round-bottomed Frying Pan

The good old fashioned iron wok is a versatile essential took in the kitchen. You can cook just about anything in it and it’s especially made to cook traditional food. Plus, it’s a lot more durable than non-stick cookware in the market. Iron woks if treated properly can last years and can even be passed down to the next generation. 

People who love cooking for their family should get their very own iron wok because not only is it durable, it’s also much healthier to cook with compared to other types of cookware. You can purchase yours online in Lazada and get it delivered right at your door hassle-free.

5. Coffee Machine

American Legacy 12 Cups Coffee Maker ALCM-6402

Who doesn’t love coffee? Coffee lovers can buy their own coffee machines online on Lazada. There are multiple models to choose from. Coffee machines are especially useful for people who are always on the go and need that extra kick of energy. The coffee machines can give you that authentic taste of coffee that you don’t have to purchase at sari-sari stores or at overpriced coffee shops. You can make your own great coffee right at home. 

6. Metal Straws

☆COD 4in1 Stainless steel straws Metal beverage straws with pouch

Not really a gadget but metal straws can make for a great investment in the long run not only for your budget but also for the environment. Metal straw sets are available in Lazada complete with their own cleaning equipment and carrying case. The sets have several straws with different sizes so you can easily use it to drink shakes, juices, sodas, or bubble tea. Plus, you can take it anywhere and you’re given the security that you’re the only one who has used it.

7. Sandwich Toaster

Kyowa KW-2606 Sandwich Toaster

Another great kitchen gadget for people who are always busy and on the go. The sandwich toaster is exactly what it sounds like. Create your sandwich, slice it, and toast it all together with the ingredients in the sandwich toaster. It’s completely hassle-free, you don’t have to use the pan or turn the stove on or off. You just have to wait a few minutes for the indicator light of the gadget to inform you your sandwich is done! You can get this model at Lazada. Of course, there are multiple models to choose from and they even have more traditional toasters if that’s more your thing.

8. Multifunction Electric Frying Pan and Egg Boiler

Multifunction Mini Electric Frying Pan and Automatic Egg Boiler

This cute compact kitchen gadget is perfect for students living in dorms who are looking to invest in something that won’t make them have to go out and eat all the time. You can cook small portioned recipes with this electric frying pan and egg boiler. This is really a multifunction purpose that students can get a lot of use of. It’s also a useful kitchen gadget for people living in studio type condos or apartments. You can get one via Lazada where they’ll deliver directly to your doorsteps.

9. Manual Pasta Maker Machine

 Manual Pasta Maker Machine Noodle Hand Crank Cutter with English Manual

For those who love pasta and love to make the homemade kind or for those who are keen on trying to make their homemade pasta, a pasta maker is just for you. Making homemade pasta is a much healthier option versus the store brought once and purchasing a pasta maker via Lazada can help ease the process. This pasta maker machine comes with a hand crank and manual that’ll make you feel like an Italian chef when you use it.  

10. Stainless Steel Steamer

This stainless steel steamer has multiple layers and is perfect for people who love steamed food. It’s also ideal for business because of its multiple layers which allow you to steam large numbers of food pieces or different kinds of steamed foods at a time. It’s stainless steel property also makes it durable and easy to clean. You can purchase it steamy kitchen gadget at Lazada and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

11. Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is an especially essential kitchen gadget for people who love to bake. You won’t have to do all the mixing or whisking by hand and get fatigued after a few minutes. The hand mixer will save you a lot of time because of its efficiency. This mixture comes with some accessory and it’s easy to clean so you can use it again and again for your baking endeavors. Get it right online at Lazada to get it delivered at your doorsteps and start baking your favorite pastries. 

12. Electric Kettle

The electric kettle is another kitchen gadget that’s perfect for people who are on the go for their instant coffee. It’s also ideal who loves to relax with a cup of hot tea in their hands. Even students living in dorms could use an electric kettle as it doesn’t require a stove with gas that won’t fit in the dorm. It can boil water in minutes which we need for a variety of our drinks. There are a lot of electric kettles to choose from so get it right at Lazada to get it delivered right at your doorsteps hassle-free. 

13. Portable BBQ Grill

This portable BBQ grill is not only ideal for grilling your BBQ but can also be taken to outdoor trips like the beach or the forest for camping. You only need to fill it with coal and you can easily grill your BBQ or other foods. It’s foldable and its small size means that you can take it anywhere. Plus, it’s stainless steel means that it’s durable and easy to clean. Purchase it right at Lazada. 

14. Multifunctional Korean Style Electric Hot Pot

KOREAN Style 2-in-1 34cm Multifunction Electric Hot Pot and Grill

This next kitchen gadget is on trend for those who love Korean food. It’s an electric hot pot where you can cook Korean style dishes as well as Filipino recipes. You can also grill food such as meat, fish, even vegetables and fruits on the area around the hot pot. Get your own right at Lazada. It’s truly a multifunction kitchen gadget that you can share with your loved ones and cook your food together.

15. Electric Air Fryer

Get this heavy duty advance electric air fryer right at Lazada. Electric air fryers, in general, are much healthier to use for cooking than pans using oil. The electric air fryer can cook steak, roasted potatoes, vegetables, and much more. You also won’t have a problem with overcooking your food as it has an automatic shut-off feature and timer. You won’t have to constantly watch what you’re cooking.

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