22 Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Probably Didn’t Know About

Petroleum Jelly Household Uses

10.Get rid of chewing gum stuck on wood.

It’s stressful to remove dry bubble gum from wood. And the simplest and time saving approach is to squeeze petroleum jelly on the affected area and rub it in until the gum begins to loosen itself. Once it has disintegrated, you can remove it effortlessly.


11.Prevent bottle lid from sticking and getting stuck.

Removing the lid from a bottle of nail polish or glue won’t be a problem anymore if you apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the bottle before closing the bottle after use.

12.Get shower curtains to slide easily.

Petroleum jelly can help you a great deal if your shower curtains often get stuck. Applying a small amount of jelly on the curtain rails facilitates faster movement.

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