22 Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Probably Didn’t Know About

Other Home and Personal Uses

16.Shine Leather Goods

Forgot to buy Kiwi from the department store? Don’t worry. Petroleum jelly’s coming to the rescue. Yes, petroleum jelly can be used as a polish for your leather items, too. Petroleum jelly can make those leather shine, and even last longer. However, if you are going to some dusty places, just stick to Kiwi.


17.Loosen Stuck Rings

Removing a stuck ring finger can be both painful and frustrating. However, if you apply petroleum jelly around the area the ring is stuck, it will begin to gradually slide off.

18.Get Rid of Battery Terminal Erosion

In many cases, car battery terminals cease functioning on days with low temperatures. Corrosion is caused by increased electrical resistance and thickening engine oil. All these occurrences cause your battery to be overworked. To prevent corrosion, before winter sets in, remove and thoroughly wash your battery terminals. Reconnect and apply petroleum jelly.

19.Keep Pet Bowls Free From Ants

Putting your pet bowl in a bigger basin filled with water just to keep ants away is kind of a hassle, isn’t it? You can ensure your pets have their meals undisturbed by applying petroleum jelly around the pet bowl to prevent ants from crossing over and entering your pet’s food.  

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