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22 Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Probably Didn’t Know About

22 Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Probably Didn’t Know About

You might know and call petroleum jelly Vaseline or Apollo, nonetheless, both are petroleum jelly products. I am actually unsure what this thing is for, I just use petroleum jelly as a lip balm, or as a lubricant for my earrings (especially when I wear them again after a long time of not wearing them).

But did you know that there are other awesome stuff petroleum jelly (PJ) can help us with? I was surprised with what I found out, I bet you will be, too.

Petroleum Jelly Beauty Uses

1.Lip Balm

Petroleum jelly is a quick remedy to sensitive and dry lips. Just apply on your dry lips to make them feel smooth and soft. In addition, jelly can be used as lip gloss. Personally, this is petroleum jelly’s ultimate use.

2.Makeup Remover

Save yourself from costs of purchasing makeup remover, simply use petroleum jelly. Apply the jelly on your entire face and massage in circular motion. Use cotton balls, pads or tissue to wipe makeup.

3.Eyebrows Aligner

Petroleum jelly has a thicker texture than brow gel. Apply it on your eyebrows and use a brow brush to straighten your eyebrows.


4.Lipstick Stains Remover

Lipstick stains on fabrics are usually difficult to remove. However, if you have petroleum jelly, apply it directly on the stain, wait for a few minutes and then wash.

5.Makeup Highlighter

If you want specific areas of your face to be more noticeable, apply petroleum jelly to add more emphasis to your facial bone structure such as the forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

Petroleum Jelly and the Body


Petroleum jelly is a great moisturizer. Before sleeping, rub some on your elbows, hands, knees, and feet in order to lock moisture and prevent dryness. Once applied, use mittens for your hands, and socks for your feet for them to remain moisturized.

7.Lotion Extender

Running our of your daily lotion? Worry not. Simply add petroleum jelly to your remaining lotion and apply to your body, you will be satisfied with the results.


8.Perfume Scent Extender

Scent stays long in moist areas. Just smooth a bit of petroleum jelly on your neck and pulse points. After a few minutes, apply your perfume.

9.After-Shave Lotion

Some after-shave lotions are harsh on the skin, petroleum jelly is gentler. For a sensitive skin after shaving, petroleum jelly can be a great substitute for an after-shave lotion.

Petroleum Jelly Household Uses

10.Get rid of chewing gum stuck on wood.

It’s stressful to remove dry bubble gum from wood. And the simplest and time saving approach is to squeeze petroleum jelly on the affected area and rub it in until the gum begins to loosen itself. Once it has disintegrated, you can remove it effortlessly.


11.Prevent bottle lid from sticking and getting stuck.

Removing the lid from a bottle of nail polish or glue won’t be a problem anymore if you apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the bottle before closing the bottle after use.

12.Get shower curtains to slide easily.

Petroleum jelly can help you a great deal if your shower curtains often get stuck. Applying a small amount of jelly on the curtain rails facilitates faster movement.

Woodworks with Petroleum Jelly

13.Wood Watermarks Remover

Spilled some water on your favorite mahogany table? Oop! Watermark rings on your wood are unsightly and if not handled well, can remain as permanent stains. However, if you have petroleum jelly, apply it to the affected area and wipe it off after a couple of hours.


14.Furniture Lubricant

Hearing some creaking noise from your furniture? Well, petroleum is a perfect alternative to oil. Just place it in areas that require lubrication such as joints. This makes your furniture work well and smoothly since petroleum jelly works the same as oil in many instances. Works on door hinges, too! I just tried.

15.Wax Remover

Candles stain surfaces with dripping wax and removing these stains can be cumbersome. However, if you have petroleum jelly, apply it on the affected surface; it will make it easier for you to remove the dried wax and without any damage as well.

Other Home and Personal Uses

16.Shine Leather Goods

Forgot to buy Kiwi from the department store? Don’t worry. Petroleum jelly’s coming to the rescue. Yes, petroleum jelly can be used as a polish for your leather items, too. Petroleum jelly can make those leather shine, and even last longer. However, if you are going to some dusty places, just stick to Kiwi.


17.Loosen Stuck Rings

Removing a stuck ring finger can be both painful and frustrating. However, if you apply petroleum jelly around the area the ring is stuck, it will begin to gradually slide off.

18.Get Rid of Battery Terminal Erosion

In many cases, car battery terminals cease functioning on days with low temperatures. Corrosion is caused by increased electrical resistance and thickening engine oil. All these occurrences cause your battery to be overworked. To prevent corrosion, before winter sets in, remove and thoroughly wash your battery terminals. Reconnect and apply petroleum jelly.

19.Keep Pet Bowls Free From Ants

Putting your pet bowl in a bigger basin filled with water just to keep ants away is kind of a hassle, isn’t it? You can ensure your pets have their meals undisturbed by applying petroleum jelly around the pet bowl to prevent ants from crossing over and entering your pet’s food.  

Petroleum Jelly Health Uses

20.Treat Cracked Heels

It’s summer, and we love long walks. A little reminder though,you might get cracked heel! Aa cracked heel is a common problem most people have because of heat or too much walking.

Reduced moisture to the feet, especially areas around the heel, is the main cause of cracked heels. Use petroleum jelly on the affected area and the entire foot then wear socks overnight to retain moisture. Doing this repeatedly on a daily basis helps alleviate cracked heels.


21.Relief and Protection from Burns

Burns resulting from splashing cooking oil and oil spills cause excruciating pain. Put petroleum jelly on the affected area to relieve pain. And, for what it’s worth, if your skin has petroleum jelly in the first place, it should have been protected from burns.

22.For softer more manageable hair

Petroleum jelly can be used to help you control dry and uncontrollable hair. A lot of people battle with dry and uncontrollable hair. The good news is that petroleum jelly softens your hair and keeps it in a manageable condition.  

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