Beyond considering just mere comfort and convenience, other factors such as the actual quality of produced output- may it either be a food or a drink, definitely explains why most of us would prefer using techy kitchen tools more than just the traditional knives and set of pans.

Well, technology and its advancements are structured to make the different aspects of our lives- our daily cooking as one of them, not only easier but also resource-efficient and effective-wise. So, what else is there for you not to allow these high-tech wares do their job?

Furthermore, to guide you with these cooking journey fueled by the ever-innovated century, here is a list of these must-have high-tech tools for your kitchen:

Sous Vide Machines

If you wanted to ease that searing of meats part of preparing your dish, there are various machines called sous vide which works through heating a pot of water on a pre-set degree of temperature and allows you to cook food such as steak, lobster, or any among your favorite seafood and meats, in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch.

The result? Perfection. No wonder this practice, which was called sous vide itself has been a hit for already a couple of years in this cooking industry.

Slow Cookers

One of the factors stated above is resource-efficiency, so don’t get it wrong thinking that the invention of “slow cookers” is a backward step towards against the planned innovation. The term slow may trick you but the function of this “slow” cooker is to actually allow you to cook on your own pace- how that is possible?

Well even when you’re not around this cooker gives you a control over the temperature produced by the device and the monitoring on the actual progress of the preparation of your meal: A very effective tool for those who want to either get into or leave from your house without worrying a thing about your food.

This is how you create a chef out of a cooking device and your smartphone while on the go.


“Who loves fries?”

Well, I know we all do but who won’t anyway? Yet, we all should know better. Fried foods aren’t quite good for your health especially in terms of the cholesterol contained by the oil used alone- and that’s exactly the aspect where airfryer must be thanked upon!


Instead of the too much oils usage for your deep-frying needs, this gadget allows you to produce the same results- if not better, all through using a teaspoon-sized amount of oil, and the main player- a whole lot of heated air.

The result? A no-guilt crunch within every bite!

Smart Fridge

How a smart fridge does sounds for you? If you’re thinking- well, it must have the qualities that would make it considerable for the techy title “smart” then you’ve got it just right.

Smart fridge actually has the following commendable features: a camera that’ll allow you to see what you still got inside your fridge without opening and reopening it a lot of times and even more when you’re a forgetful person, stocked-time alert which will be your reminder if a certain food had been stored for too long already, and a built-in touchscreen that gives you different recipe recommendations, a means for your music streaming needs (which everybody is into especially when you’re doing something you love and something for your loved ones- yes, that’s cooking, what else), and even allows you to reorder what’s already out of stock on your cooling buddy!

Wall-Mounted Slice Slots

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we all know what the context of the statement is even if you’re still in the midway of reading what’s said. What’s does thing trying to tell us? Well, all food preparing tools for breakfast is a must.

Aligned with that, what else would beat the “bread warmer”?


Of course, but how about a bread warmer that doesn’t need to take up any space in the counter assuring you that you won’t mess yourself up with anything else as you are just starting to kick your day off? Now that’s imaginative, standard, and practical indeed.

Except the stated tools, there is still a whole lot spectrum of unmentioned techy kitchenware that you definitely should give some glimpse and some of these are the smart coffee machine, dishwasher machine, tea and coffee brewing fridge, beer-brewer, and even a food printer! Whew, who would’ve imagined way back that these things now could actually come forth into their glorious existence!

Now the only thing that’s left is for you to try them out!


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