5 Surprisingly Health Benefits of Baguio Beans

With the scientific name of Phaseolus vulgaris, Baguio beans are commonly cultivated as young or immature pods of different variations of beans all around the world. It can be grown in different climates with each region around the world giving its unique name to the small and delicious beans. And given its versatility as an ingredient and availability in every season of the year, the Baguio beans or most commonly known as green beans, has been popularized globally as a healthy and affordable vegetable to create the favorite dishes of multiple cultures all around the world.

Baguio beans also are known as green beans and string beans are stapled ingredients in the dishes all around the world with 150 different variations but all with the same nutritional value and health benefits. Most commonly known as Baguio beans in the Philippines, it is a must-have ingredient in traditional Filipino dishes such as the mouth-watering sinigang and the delectable pancit. For a healthier option, sautéed Baguio beans as the main ingredient with your choice of meat or fish also make up for a delicious Filipino meal.

Not only is Baguio beans a delicious ingredient that can elevate the taste of your food but it also has multiple surprising health benefits. Baguio beans are rich with different key nutrients and vitamins the helps you stay healthy with little calories and fat and with zero cholesterol. Baguio beans are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K with a high content of fiber and folic acid. They have high mineral contents that are good for our health, making them a good source for calcium, silicon, iron, manganese, potassium, and copper. With all that said, it is no wonder consuming Baguio beans increases your overall health, it also helps with lessening the risks of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and may even increase your life expectancy if eaten long term.

Here are more specific health benefits of Baguio beans that may even surprise you:

1. Baguio Beans help maintain eye health

Including Baguio beans in your balanced diet can help prevent vision loss and decreasing eye function. Baguio beans contain pigments that give vegetables their bright red, orange and yellow colors called carotenoids, although they don’t show it. These carotenoids are made up of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin which are all essential for your eye health and strength.

The vitamin A in Baguio beans comes in the form of retinol. Retinol is the vitamin that helps the human eyes maintain its normal night vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin, meanwhile, protects the inner workings of the eyes from stress and prevents damage from high-intensity lights through the absorption of blue light. If you want to improve and protect your eyes, it is as simple as eating a cup of boiled nutritious Baguio beans a day.


2. Baguio beans will improve bone strength.

Baguio beans are packed full of different minerals and nutrients that help with bone development and maintaining bone health and strength. This can be especially useful for the elderly and growing toddlers. Baguio beans are rich with vitamin K, calcium and silicon, all needed to keep the bones strong and healthy.

Vitamin K is extensively shown in research to improve bone density, making the bones stronger and tougher as well as decreasing its chances of getting fractured. Baguio beans are a great source of vitamin K thus making it a great food to include in your diet if you want to improve your bone health. Calcium and silicon are also factors in maintaining healthy bones. Calcium, in particular, helps in preventing bone deterioration as well as osteoporosis. The mineral silicon, although less studied, have evidence that it can help in bone regeneration, support, and with the overall health of our bones.

Other than giving us healthy bones, these minerals and nutrient help to develop healthy skin and hair. Although making the Baguio beans a staple in your diet can help in bone health, it is important to note that these mineral and nutrient acting alone cannot improve our overall bone health. We must also eat a varied and nutritious diet to receive the full benefits of eating Baguio beans.


3. Eating Baguio beans increases the rate of fertility and pregnancy.

Along with other healthy vegetables such as pumpkins and lentils, Baguio beans are said to be “fertility foods” that should be included in a healthy diet if you want to increase fertility according to an article from Harvard Medical School. 

The main ingredient found in Baguio beans said to increase fertility is folic acid. Baguio beans are a great source of folic acid which helps in protecting babies in utero for healthy and normal development and folic acid can even help in preventing neural tube defects. 


4. Baguio beans may prevent colon cancer.

Despite more extensive studies needed to have a definitive answer, there is evidence pointing out that increased intake of Baguio beans can decrease the risk of cancerous adenoma recurrence and colorectal cancer. Baguio beans also being rich in fibers content promotes regular bowel movements that ease the digestive process and prevents stress on bowel walls, this is shown to be correlated to the decrease of colon cancer.

Additionally, Baguio beans contain a high amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is found to have a compound with cancer chemopreventive properties. Pairing Baguio beans with grilled meats that are charred will help decrease the risks of heterocyclic amines through the possible blocking of its carcinogenic effects.


5. Baguio beans proved our body with plenty of collagen.

Baguio beans are a rich source of vitamin C which helps in making collagen for the body. Collagen is most important for our bodies to function because it is the connective tissues that are used to connect our skins, tissues, bones, tendons, and organs. The vitamin C found in Baguio beans helps the collagen from keeping out bones from braking, our skins strong and intact, and our joints and muscles to remain in place. 



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