Munggo can be added in different dishes or can be eaten after just by simple sautéing`, or boiling and even just steaming! Basically, this is under the legume family- or the family of beans basically. And so like all the other beans, this one is could easily be combined with many possible delicacies and so, can be added easily to anyone’s diet.

But really, what can the addition of munggo in your regular diet cause to your body? To allow you to understand the most regarding the amazing health benefits of munggo, here is a list.


1. Shields Your Heart Vs. Diseases

The oxidation of bad cholesterol which is technically known as LDL cholesterol can lead to possibly developing a heart attack or even stroke- and munggo is capable of restricting the growth of this one. This ability to inhibit the further development of this type of cholesterol is because of this bean’s contained antioxidants which significantly serve the maintenance of the healthy condition of your heart in different ways such as fighting-off free-radicals, converting the damage that are done to blood vessels into a non-affecting if not beneficial one and lowers harmful inflammation.

Blocking of blood flow in the vessels and arteries within the heart are one of the main causes of cardiovascular arrest and munggo is a big help to this because this bean is known as to be an effective integration to any anti-inflammatory diet fueled by their specific benefit of clearing the different pathways of flow of blood within the heart and improving the circulation.


2. Natural Cancer-Preventative

Cancer is a big thing- and that’s because we all know that no cure for it has been discovered yet. But, that doesn’t mean that leaves us no hope, in fact, there are many ways available for us to be able to protect ourselves from all the unwanted circumstances that this disease can possibly cause us. One of which is through regularly adding up munggo in your diet!

That is because as we all know, this small green bean, in fact, is a totality of different healthy antioxidants, mainly containing flavonoids, caffeic, phenolic, and cinnamic acid. These antioxidants stated are the one which plays the role of being your body’s soldier-protector against various free-radicals, which furthermore is the culprit for causing degenerative diseases- one of which that is probably the worst, is cancer such as specifically against lung and stomach.

3. Reduces Blood Pressure

One of the most common problems faced by Filipinos, especially the middle-aged ones, is their tendency to develop high blood pressure- and it must be noted that always exceeding the normal blood level isn’t just about that, it is correlated to further serious issues. One of which are various heart diseases.

As for that, you have our friend here. Munggo then is proven to be capable of successfully reducing high blood pressures, done via different tube tests. That ability is mainly attributed to the fact that munggo is known as to be a very good source of potassium, magnesium and most importantly, fiber- which are significant nutrients identified to the said function of lowering blood pressure.

4. Protects You From Heat Stroke

Beyond from all the physical tips given when it comes to the purpose of avoiding heat stroke, there are a lot of things you can still significantly add up to those, which possibly could serve as more of a critical factor than the said.

Munggo possess high inflammatory properties which are valuable enough towards serving as a protection against both extremely high body temperatures and most importantly, the possibility of obtaining a heat stroke.


5. A Weight Loss Friend!

High amounts of fiber and protein are very important in making you feel full- without the need to actually act up upon every single of your cravings! That is one more thing which makes munggo amazing, which then is a very good news especially to those who are planning to lose weight!

But unto what extent could this make you full? Well, compare eating this beans compared to high carbs food such as pasta and rice meals- well, eating munggo simply overdoes these in the purpose of making you full.

Is that good enough? More than good, I could say.

Munggo is another proof that size doesn’t really matter that much- just imagine how these small beans can bring big changes into your life- specifically in your health!


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