It is alarming how despite the knowledge that soda isn’t beneficial in any way- regardless the short or long-term health concerns, most of us are still always-on-the-go when the lady on the counter asks us if we would opt soda for our drinks to accompany our ordered meal.

Well, it may be the anxiety brought by the necessity of saying no and choosing the “better” drink or probably the lack of in-depth knowledge on how impactful soda can be on your health- which is why you can totally relate to the scenario above. Nonetheless, both reasons could never serve as a sufficient excuse for you to continue drinking soda. To make it clear, whatever excuse you’ve got behind your soda-loving tendencies, it is and it’ll never do you the good you might probably expecting for it to provide.


Worse is, in every sip of it, is one step taken forward towards the terrifying list of negative impacts that soft drinks have in store against your supposedly healthy living!

Still not convinced? Continue reading.

1. Causes High Blood Pressure

Finding something you wanted to trouble yourself with? With soda’s ability to noticeably increase your blood pressure, then the one that you’re looking for is just within reach.

2. May Contain A Banned Ingredient

It has been proven that 1/10 of used flavoring for soda contains a banned ingredient known as brominated vegetable oil or BVO… hopefully, you’re not into that kind of thrill.


3. Leads to Unnecessary Appointments With The Dentist

I’m not here to point out that an additional appointment with your dentist is something you should be bothered about- instead, what I’m trying to get you woke upon is the truth that with the contained sugar and acidity of soda, regular drinking of it would indeed be a perfect practice to destroy your teeth.

Well, if you do not care how your smile looks like nor if you’ll still be able to properly chew your food when your older years would come, then I could say that it’s no problem choosing that pop whenever you’re feeling thirsty.

4. Makes You Gain Fat

Gaining weight is something most of us look forward to- as long as it rounds us up to just the right kilos normal BMI instructs us to have. Therefore, it is indeed a totally different story when we’re talking about gaining weight thru soda- besides from it is uncontrolled, it is most important, not recommended.

5. Makes You Prone To Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the one that’s acquired even if in terms of the genetic composition you’re not supposed to have one. Now, drinking soda is one way to get yourself in trouble with this.


6. Leads to Gastric Syndrome Related Issues

Let’s deal with it- soda by default is acidic, so how would you expect it to affect your stomach? Not in a good way most probably. That’s considered a fact because the acid contained by the soda actually irritates the stomach lining- which then can cause to a simple stomach ache to various acid-related stomach problems.

7. Deteriorate Your Bones’ Functionality

Your bones need sufficient calcium- and you know soda does? It prevents the normal and regular absorption of calcium towards the body. Continuous lacking of this micronutrient would definitely result in major bone problems such as osteoporosis.


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