8 Health Benefits of Onion That You May Not Know

Onion is one of the major ingredients for every recipe you are cooking. If you’ve been visiting Panlasang Pinoy, you would learn about the different uses of this impressive onion. Beside from that, you will learn all about the amazing benefits onion gives.

Here are the few things that you may not know about onions:


1. Reduce the risk of coronary health diseases.

According to study, onions are rich and antioxidant which helps to lower bad cholesterol, and even triglycerides. This can lower the risk of having coronary diseases. If you’ve been experiencing high blood pressure and inflammation, consuming onion will be a great help for you to regulate the blood pressure and minimize the inflammation.

You might have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or also known as PCOS. Raw red onions will help you to lower LDL or bad cholesterol that triggers more of your syndrome. If you are obese, you may consume 50-60 grams of onion per day while 40-50 grams for those who are overweight.


2. Onion has lots of nutrients.

It is amazing to learn that onions has lots of nutrients despite of its low calorie. It only has 44 calories but rich in Vitamin C, B Vitamin such as folate and pyridoxine. It also has antioxidant to fight against cancer. If you’ve been suffering for low immunity for a long time now then onion might be a great solution for you. It also helps to produce red blood cells and improves the nerve function. It may also help you to improve your metabolism, which means, it can help you to lose more weight.

3. It helps to fight cancer.

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases. To reduce the risk of having cancer, eating onion will help you to reach that goal. Garlic and onion is part of Allium genus, and its family is known for lowering the risk of cancer in colorectal and stomach. Those who consume more of this kind lower the risk of cancer up to 22% than those who consumes lesser amount.


4. Onion helps to lower blood sugar.

Diabetes is one of the major diseases not just in a certain country but throughout the earth. If you are controlling your sugar, you might be looking for ways on how to regulate it more. Consuming 100 grams of onion per day helps to lower the FBS or fasting blood sugar up to 40mg/dl just after few hours.

5. Onion has antioxidants to fight various diseases.

If you have adequate amount of antioxidant in your body, it will help you to prevent other diseases, or fight them off if you already have it. Onion has 25 various flavonoid antioxidants. You can fight off heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Those nutrients our body truly needed.

6. It can fight off bacteria.

Dangerous bacteria includes E. coli or Escherichia coli, S. aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Bacillus cereus. The bacteria mentioned above might give your permanent health damage if not taken action immediately. To avoid this or to prevent this from happening, regular intake of onion can help. Onion is one of the best antibacterial foods available.


7. It helps you to improve the bone growth and bone density.

As people grow older, bone becomes brittle, and calcium is depleting. Though, this natural happening in your body might be reduced by eating raw onion. There was an experiment to know whether eating onion could really improve bone density. There were 24 middle-aged woman and one postmenopausal woman who consumed 100 ml of onion juice every day. Who would believe that just after 8 weeks, the bone mineral density improved more than their former state? Aside from that the antioxidant improved. Another study states that a person who eat onion will help to reduce the risk of hip fracture.

8. It helps to improve your digestive system.

Digestive health is one of the major problem of people. There are lots of obese and overweight people because one of the reason is their digestive health. Who would have known that onions has prebiotics and fiber? These are essential if you want to maintain digestive healthy. If you consume more prebiotics, it helps to improve and add more probiotics. It will also help your body absorb more mineral and nutrients into the body.  

Honesty, onion is easy to add in your diet. If you’ve been cooking, you knew that onion helps to improve the taste of the recipe. Now that you learned more about this, you can make more ways to add this in your diet regularly. Are you looking for more recipes? Onion is even great with salad! You may also make a caramelized onion to your baked goods if you want to try something new. Panlasang Pinoy will offer you more recipes for your diet, and you will probably love it.

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