About Us

Hello, everyone! My name is Joseph, and welcome to our blog site Panlasang Pinoy Recipes!

Similar to many others who cook a lot, I do not have any formal training in the kitchen. My college degree is not in any way related to it. I am a BS Information Technology graduate. My territory is that of software, databases, and networking. I know my way through this stuff very well. I started working as a web developer in 2010, and I still do the same job until today. It is our bread and butter. And I love what I am doing. It gives me the opportunity to explore and learn new things every day. Every information I can find is gold, a treasure. My wife, who is helping me in creating videos of our recipes, is a teacher.

In 2012, we ventured into the world of blogging, specifically food blogging. Since then, I have created different food blogs. With our love for food and the emerging popularity of blogging, this blog site was created. Well, sometimes it’s not about the formal training that you have but the passion that you pursue. We love cooking and as long as there is someone who wants to learn or we can share our recipe with, we will continue with this site. We will keep on posting our newfound recipe, even the ones we develop ourselves.

Panlasang Pinoy Recipes is a food blog created to share a collection of local and foreign recipes that have been modified to suit Filipino taste. This blog was started in 2012. The recipes here are a compilation of those obtained from different food blogs.

Starting a food blog is not that easy. You should love what you are doing. Hence, having passion for cooking will be a requirement. We cooked a lot in our house. We tried avoiding buying cooked food. It helps us a lot in making this blog. With the desire to establish a good restaurant in the future and interest in making a blog and using modern technology, this food blog was born.

As stated, our recipes here are obtained from many other blogs. They are the best ones selected from a sea of other recipes. The recipes here will surely create new memories or remind you of past experience. They may be of help to anyone who needs help. May it be a new wife to whom cooking is a strange thing, a seasoned cook who is wanting to learn more about new recipes, or someone who hates cooking but decides on learning it for the family. Panlasang Pinoy Recipes makes these recipes accessible at your own place and time. No need to rush to the nearest store to buy a new a cookbook recipe. Just click on our site, and you will find a variety of what you need. These recipes may not only be used in cooking for personal consumption or family dinners. You may also be inspired to use them in starting a business. We specifically wrote a blogpost about recipes that can be used in business venture. Food is a good business, right? It is something that everyone needs. So starting a food business is not impossible if you have good recipes to start with. And we have them here. Please feel free on exploring them.

In this site, our recipes are categorized into desserts, pork recipes, beef recipes, chicken recipes, and seafood recipes. We also added a section for our series of top 10 recipes; these recipes range from the top 10 salad choices and vegetable recipes to top 10 easy recipes that can be used to start a business. There are also other interesting articles or health tips that you may want to read and learn from. How about a chance of seeing your name and dish in our website and fanpage (oops, did you like our Facebook page? If not, click here). If you are keen about contributing something, then you can try submitting your favorite recipes to us. We also added that in. You can check our Submit Your Recipes page. Well, maybe it is time to share that treasured recipe. It may inspire our future “food innovators”.

Our description for each recipe is mainly a story about the dish-personal or informational. We love digging into the history of these recipes and food. We want to know how they originated, how they were brought into the Philippines, and where/how can we commonly see them nowadays. What are they called in other countries or what other recipes are similar to them. What are the modifications made or what more can be added to enhance the recipes. And of course, we want to share to you what we have learned about our recipes. At first, it will seem boring or useless to read on those histories. Later on, you will find it interesting. How about sharing a trivia or information about the food you are about to eat? We think that it will create a different atmosphere or vibe when eating something you personally made: it is either they will be bored or they will be inspired. It is up to you how to deliver the information you will get from our description. Good luck to that!

Some recipes do not have specific histories. In such cases, we mainly include nutritional values or personal accounts. Well, who would not want to know what they are eating? In the current health-conscious age, we mostly want to be informed about what is in our food. We also include personal memories. We believe that most of us have this experience of eating something that reminds us of something or someone. How about ice candies or iskrambol? While writing the introduction for those recipes, memories flooded into us. We think it will work the same on every Pinoy. Eating ice candy or iskrambol now will always remind you of your elementary days-your young and innocent days when a cup of iskrambol can make you smile and forget your failed exam result, when streetfood and kakanin are your comfort food. How good it is to reminisce of those experiences…triggered by food or recipes.

This website was created out of hobby and passion for cooking. We are continuously doing our best to improve it. We are on our way of making a video for each of the recipes here. We want to give you an evidence that our recipes can really be done. You can check our Youtube channel here. We aim to further improve your experience and provide you with more awesome and easier recipes. So stay connected. Subscribe to our email list. Don’t know where to start here? Click on our index map, and you are off to a great Panlasang Pinoy Recipes experience. It will be like walking through a banquet of food. Yum! Enjoy!