Best Filipino Seafood Recipes

The Philippines is blessed with beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, and sparkling blue waters. The archipelago is also heavily blessed to be located in the Pacific Ocean with easy access to its rich resources. 

Filipinos have always loved the ocean and everything it offers. With thousands of islands making up the country with easy access to the oceans, it’s no wonder that seafood is one of the staple ingredients in Filipino cuisine. 

Fishing is one of the biggest industries in the Philippines and fish is a favorite healthy alternative to dishes regularly served with pork or beef. But Filipino seafood recipes are not limited to just fish. Everywhere you go in the country, there’s always bound to be fresh, colorful seafood served on the table. 

Once you’ve tried the different varieties of seafood recipes, you’ll find yourself always craving for more. So without further ado, here is a list of the best Filipino seafood recipes:

Sinigang na Tilapia Recipe

Sinigang is just the ultimate Filipino recipe that embodies the flavors that Filipinos love. The original recipe uses ingredients that give it its characteristic sour flavor. The sourer the better. The most important ingredient for sinigang is the tamarind which is the main souring factor for the dish. 

Although nowadays, people can buy artificial souring powders in markets. A variety of meat can be used for this recipe and one of the most common and healthier options is fish.

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Fish Sisig

Sisig is a traditional Filipino dish that originated in Angeles City, Pampanga. The term sisig came from the Kapangpangan word sisigan which meant “to make sour.” To those familiar with the original sisig recipe knows that it’s mostly made up of chopped vegetables and minced pork cheeks, and pork brain or liver. This recipe has been popularized all over the Philippines.

Throughout the years, alternative sisig recipes are introduced and popularized throughout the country. Fish sisig is just one of these alternative recipes that people prefer over the original. It’s just as delicious as the original, and healthier too. 

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Ginataang Alimango at Hipon

Ginataang alimango at hipon or crab and fish sauteed in coconut milk brought out the delicious flavors of the ocean mixed with the creaminess of the coconut milk.

The main ingredients for this creamy dish are, of course, crab, shrimp, and coconut milk. The crab should be first steamed along with the squash. The coconut milk should then be sauteed along with the other ingredients. Then when it’s brought to a boil with a thick and oily consistency, it’s time to add the steamed crab and the shrimp. When it’s done, serve with rice.

Sinantol na may Hipon at Alimango

This recipe is unique to the Philippines as one of the main ingredients is santol or sandoricum koetjape. This tropical fruit only grows in Southeast Asia and Filipinos have been incorporating it in its cuisine for centuries.  

Sinantol translates to “done with santol.” This method of cooking is a form of ginataan with the ripe santol fruit that’s grated and washed then minced into small pieces. The grated santol meat is then sauteed with secondary ingredients and coconut milk. Seafood is added like shrimp and crab to give the already delicious dish more complexity in flavor.

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Stuffed Alimango Asado

Scrolling through this website, you’ve probably already read about delicious asado recipes. The dish is typically cooked with meat like pork, chicken, or beef but the recipe on this entry takes a creative twist on the traditional Filipino recipe.

Stuffed alimango asado or stuffed crab asado is a unique recipe with a long list of ingredients. The crab is stuffed with a mixture of crabmeat, chorizo, spring onion, egg, carrot, and seasonings. The crab is then flambeed with other ingredients and Chinese wine. The result is a filling crab dish that’s best served hot white rice.

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Sawsawang Toyo at Inihaw na Bangus, Tuna Belly at Ulo ng Salmon

This next seafood recipe is meant to be shared with a large group of friends or family over drinks. It’s a simple and easy recipe to prepare and cook. All you’ll need are three different species of fish and parts: a whole milkfish, tuna belly, and a salmon’s head. 

Season this seafood with the secondary ingredients and grill it on an outdoor stove. The smoky taste of the meat will be delicious and the dipping sauces that came with the recipe will taste explosive with the fish.

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Adobong Pusit sa Gata

Everyone practically loves adobo and the various versions of its recipe. Each region has its version of this beloved classic Filipino dish. The seafood version of adobo, cooked with squid isn’t a recipe that’s specific to one region but its popularization throughout the country is undeniable. 

The pusit or squid is prepared the same way as any adobo but this recipe is added with coconut milk or cream to balance the saltiness and dark color that comes with the squid’s ink.

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Sinigang na Hipon sa Kamias

We’ve already covered a sinigang recipe on this list but this one is a little different. Shrimp sinigang is also a common alternative to the usual meats used in the sour broth like pork and beef. The shrimp adds a different level of saltiness to the delicious dish. You’re essentially tasting the ocean when you took a sip of shrimp sinigang.

With this recipe, the shrimp is added with kamias fruit from the bilimbi tree. This ingredient is an effective souring agent that brings the sourness profile of the shrimp sinigang to that “asim kilig” level.

Ginataang Hipon with Kalabasa and Sitaw

Another shrimp recipe for this entry, ginataang hipon with kalabasa and sitaw or shrimp, kabocha squash, and string beans sauteed in coconut milk. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The creaminess of the coconut milk gives the entire dish a softer texture with the shrimp meat and the kabocha squash.

Prepared correctly, and the finished product will have vibrant colors because of its ingredients and are also healthy and delicious. 

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Filipino Style Tilapia Steak

Preparing the Filipino style tilapia steak recipe is practically the same way of preparing Bistek Tagalog, another traditional Filipino steak recipe. The tilapia is marinaded in this recipe with Del Monte Instant Marinade Beef Steak and Tapa for 30 minutes to lock in all its delicious flavors.

The fish is then covered in flour then deep fried while the marinade mix is simmered. When the fish is beautifully golden brown, it should be placed in a platter and the marinade mix is poured over the fish. The last thing to do is top the dish with green onions and garlic then served with rice.

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Tortang Tahong

Tortang Tahong or simply referred to as seafood omelet made of eggs, of course, and a cup full of mussels. It’s both hearty and delicious and it’s quite a unique recipe that isn’t seen in other parts of the world.

The mussels are removed from their shells and added to a pan of sauteed garlic, onion, and tomatoes. The mussels are added along with peas, raisins, and potatoes. In a skillet, lightly cook beaten eggs then pour the mussel mixture. Then flip the eggs over the mixture and cook until it’s ready to serve.

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Century Tuna Sarciado

Sarciado is a Filipino recipe that’s most commonly used with fish. There are no particular species of fish that are required for this recipe so everyone can use whatever fish they prefer. In this recipe, we’ll be using canned Century Tuna.

The sarciado recipe or fish sarciado can be translated to fish with sauce. Whole fish are usually used with this recipe but because of our main ingredient of choice, our sarciado is gonna turn into something like a broth. The tuna is sauteed with chopped vegetables then added with beaten eggs. The result is a delicious bowl of century tuna sarciado.

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Paksiw na Tulingan

Everyone’s probably heard of a paksiw recipe with its simple process of using vinegar and various spices. It’s a popular cooking method that’s great for preserving the food and giving the meat a distinct sourness and acidity.

For this recipe, Tulingan, a fish from the tuna family, will be used. Cooking paksiw na tulingan is a very simple process but its deliciousness won’t take away from its simplicity. The fish is combined with various ingredients including the vinegar, onion, garlic, ginger, among others in a cooking pot. Simmer all the ingredients for 15 to 20 minutes and it’s ready to serve with hot white rice.

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