Buko Pandan Salad Recipe

Buko Pandan Salad Recipe

Looking for a type dessert that assuage the thirst in summer? Try this buko pandan salad that will surely relieve the thirst on your parching throat.

Buko Pandan Salad is another dessert which is also very popular in the Philippines. The main ingredients of this are the young coconut,condensed milk and cream, and of course the pandan leaves (fragrant green, tropical plant) that makes it smell good.

It is absolutely delicious and very refreshing as it is served chilled. This creamy fragrant salad is always present when there will be a family gatherings, occasions or parties since it is easy and very comfortable to serve to visitors. In some places in the Philippines it also serves as a substitute to ice cream. And it is sold for eight pesos.

Traditionally, this salad is made with boiling the pandan leaves until the flavor has been enhanced. The leaves are removed and gelatin is added into it. This is where the jelly gets its distinct green color. But since pandan only lives in tropical countries, there is only a little amount of it.

Don’t you know that the meat from the young coconut has also give a health benefit? Eating coconut meat appears to protect against heart disease and stroke as well. As it turns out, coconut meat’s measurable vitamins A and E, and polyphenols and phytosterols. all work together to decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol, which are facts that stay in the blood tissues and high levels of which have been found a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Here are the following procedures on how to make your summer worthwhile and enjoyable while having this kind of dessert:


Buko Pandan Salad Recipe
  • 2½ cups young Coconut meat ( Strips)
  • 1 pack Gelatin pandan flavor (cook and diced)
  • 1 cup nestle cream
  • 1 cup condensed milk
  • 1⁄2 cup of Nata De Coco
  • ½ cup evaporated milk
  • Sugar for gelatin (optional)
  • Water for cooking gelatin
  1. Cook the gelatin according to its label, let it set, and dice.
  2. In a clean bowl mix nestle cream, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. Mix well and set aside
  3. Cut the gelatin into diced, add the coconut meat and mix with cream mixture.
  4. Serve chilled and enjoy.

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