Buttered Vegetables Recipe

Buttered Vegetables Recipe

You may have been familiar with our first recipe here. You will commonly see this served as a side dish.

Buttered vegetable is a colorful dish you can serve to attract children’s attention. But this is not just for the young ones. It is good for you too! This vegetable dish can use any vegetable you may want. In this recipe, we will use sitsaro or snow peas, carrots, corn kernels, and sayote. You may also want to add in asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. Do not know how to let your young ones eat their vegetables? Try this one. It may work on them. The smell and color might be effective.

In our recipe, we use salted water to cook or boil vegetables. Others use microwave to cook them, and there are some who would love to steam their vegetables. Instead of tossing the vegetables in only butter, you can also try seasoning it. You may add salt, sugar, and black pepper to your butter.

What makes a buttered vegetable delicious? Well, in addition to your fresh vegetables that release sweet flavor, butter mainly provides that “flavor” and aroma. Butter is a dairy product that contains about 80% butterfat. It also has milk proteins and water. Some types have salt and added flavorings, such as garlic butter. Butter is commonly made from cow’s milk, but it can also be manufactured using the milk of sheep, goat, or buffalo. Generally, its color is pale yellow. Nevertheless, its color can vary from deep yellow to nearly white according to the animal’s feed and genetics.

With the butter-coated, crispy, and fresh vegetables, this recipe will surely be a morning hit. It is easy to make. Clean and chop your vegetable, get them to the pan, and let your butter do the work. Yum! Try it!

Buttered Vegetables Recipe

Buttered Vegetables Recipe


  • Snow peas sitsaro
  • Carrots peeled and diced
  • Canned corn kernals well drained
  • Sayote peeled and cube
  • Meldted butter low – fat, if preferred
  • Combined salt and water


  • Put 3 cups of salted water in a saucepan.
  • Boil vegetables separately until tender but crisp, drain.
  • Combine vegetables in a bowl.
  • Coat and toss in butter.
  • Transfer to serving platter.



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