Dahon Ng Kamote Juice / Kamote Tops Juice

Nowadays, and after the effects brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, we all realize that the most important thing in life is health. We should strive to keep ourselves and our family healthy all the time. There are many ways to achieve a healthy life because you can always follow an exercise routine, an active lifestyle, or manage a healthy diet. But not all of us have enough time to become physically active. That’s why maintaining a healthy diet is the most probable solution to achieving a healthy life. Well, today is your lucky day because Panlasang Pinoy Recipes is here to teach us how to make another healthy drink out of one of the most common green vegetables in our country, Talbos ng Camote or Camote Tops! 

Prepare yourselves to achieve a healthier life by learning the Camote Tops Juice Recipe! Camote tops have tons of amazing health benefits like Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Protein. The leaves are also good for the heart and have anti-diabetes, anti-bacterial, and anticoagulant benefits as well. And there you have it! Now let’s make some juice! 

Camote Tops (Dahon ng Kamote) Juice Recipe

Are you ready to live a healthier and stronger lifestyle? Well, here it goes! All of the ingredients we’ll need for today can be easily bought from nearby grocery stores or local markets. Actually, some of them might already be in your refrigerators. And for those who are certified plantitos and plantitas, I’m sure that most of you already have our main ingredient in your backyards. Yup! Camote Tops or Talbos ng Kamote can be easily grown anywhere as long as there’s soil and water. Try it out! 

Okay, before we begin, the ingredients we’ll need for today’s recipe are lemon, honey, water, ice, and of course, Talbos ng Kamote. The ice is only optional but if you want this drink to be more delicious, refreshing, and perfect for the summer, then you might as well just add it! 

Now that we’ve got everything that we need, it’s time to make a healthy and refreshing drink! The first thing that we need to do is to thoroughly wash the Camote Tops and get rid of excess dirt and debris. After doing that, simply slice the lemon in half then set aside one half for garnish, and the other half to squeeze for lemon juice. Next, simply put the Camote Tops in a clean pot then pour about 1 liter of water. Place the pot on a stove, turn on the heat, and let the mixture boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down for a while. 

Finally, once the Camote Tops mixture becomes cool enough, pour the juice on a pitcher and make sure to strain excess bits of the Camote Tops. Then just add some sweetened honey and lemon juice to top it all off! Just mix everything up, add some ice, and you’re good to go! In a span of just a few minutes, you’re already able to make a healthy and refreshing Camote Tops Juice. 


Ah, that was indeed an easy task, right? All you need to do is gather the ingredients, let it boil, add some honey and lemon, then boom! You’re already on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations! Make sure to practice drinking this juice in your preferred routine so that you’ll be able to obtain all its useful health benefits and nutrients. 

Did you like our Camote Tops Juice Recipe? Well, you already know what to do! For more quick and exciting Filipino dish recipes, follow Panlasang Pinoy Recipes.

Dahon Ng Kamote Juice / Kamote Tops Juice
  • 1 pc lemon
  • 10 pesos Talbos ng Kamote
  • ½ cup Honey
  • Ice (optional)
  • 1 liter water
  1. Slice Half of the lemon for garnish and squeeze the other half of lemon. Set aside
  2. Put the Sweet Potato Leaves in a pot and pour with 1 liter water.
  3. Put in a stove and bring to boil. Let it cool and strained.
  4. Pour the kamote juice and sweetened with honey and add the lemon juice. Mix well
  5. Serve with or without Ice . Enjoy

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