Different Kinds Of Puto Recipes In the Philippines

Puto Maya Recipe

Puto is a classic Filipino rice cake that is made with steaming. Giving modifications to the original recipe, a puto maya rice cake is now known.

Puto is eaten as is or with butter and/or grated fresh coconut, or as an accompaniment to a number of savoury viands (most notably, dinuguan or pork blood stew). Puto is a common food around the Philippines, and a number of variation now exist in different areas and families. One variation is this version called puto maya. Have you heard of the Tagalog phrase gaya-gaya puto maya? That phrase is used to mock someone who is trying to copy someone else (gaya means “to imitate”). The name puto maya does not mean anything; this just makes a nice Tagalog rhyme. In this puto maya recipe, the intense work has been skipped. Just cook the glutinous rice as if you are cooking rice for your meal, along with coconut milk and sugar. Form them in a cup and top with grated coconut and sugar. Done!

Now, sweeten your day by serving these lovelies. Combine it with ripe mangoes and a thick, hot chocolate, and there goes your lovely morning breakfast. Enjoy!

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Different Kinds Of Puto Recipes In the Philippines
  • 1 tasang bigas na malagkit
  • 2 tasang bigas na hindi malagkit
  • 1 tasang asukal “suchar”
  • 1 niyog na kinayod
  • Gata ng niyog
  1. Sa isang tasa at kalahating tubig na may kasamang gata ng niyog at asukal, ay isasaing ang bigas na may halong malagkit. Kapag luto na, ay mainit pang ihuhulma sa isang tasa at bawa’t tumpok ay lalagyan ng isang kutsarang kinayod na niyog at sa ibabaw nito ay isang kutsarang asukal.
  2. Ang asukal na ito ay hindi yaong isinama sa pagkasaing. Ito ang kakaning ipinagbibili.












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