Graham Balls Recipe

Graham balls are just one of those recipes that just truly screams “Filipino Dessert.” The bite-size sweet concoction is quite simple to make and is the perfect finger food to snack on a hot day during movies or while doing light tasks. It requires little ingredients to make but people can have fun and experiment with it at the same time.

It is by far one of the easiest desserts I had to make and people can easily do it anywhere as long as they have access to a fridge. I love serving them whenever there’s family visiting with little children and I can easily make it the night before and even the morning of their visit as long as I allow the graham balls a few hours to get chilled.

Kids are always delighted to take a bite out of them even adults with a sweet tooth. Their colorful design and cute shape attract the kids immediately, I find, much to their parent’s disapproval who want wants to prevent their teeth from rotting. But I see no harm in it. Graham balls are also perfect to serve for a meryenda as a light snack on a hot afternoon.

I also find that kids love to help in preparing them because of all the fun colorful ingredients I got laid out on the table. Just make sure to catch them every time they try to sneak in a bite.

Graham balls are a recent trend in the Philippines and I wish that I’ve known about them when I was still in college studying for an exam or doing a project. They’re oh so sweet flavor and the creamy texture is the perfect pick me up whenever I find myself getting bored with my tasks. It definitely calls out to the sweet tooth in me and I know that I have to watch how much of it I consume lest my teeth get rotten. I had to think of them as a reward whenever I make progress with a particularly menial task.

I think it’s sweetness and the fact that it’s so easy to make is the reason why graham balls became so trendy in the Philippines in recent years. I especially like how my teeth sink into it when I take a bite and the powdery coating gives it a nice texture.

Making graham balls is very easy. You only need condensed milk, crushed graham crackers, and some colorful toppings. Mix the condensed milk with the larger volume of crushed graham crackers and blend it well to the point where you can easily mold it to a ball. Then, you’ll just have to literally mold the mixture into small separate balls. Fun tip: you can use an ice-cream scoop to get even volumes of the mixture.

Once that’s done, roll them in sprinkles, colored sugar, or whatever garnish you want then chill them for a few hours and you have you deliciously and sinfully sweet graham balls.

To elevate this sweet dessert, get a marshmallow or a piece of chocolate and put it inside a graham ball for a fun surprise when you bite into it. If you find the mixture too sweet, I recommend mixing in some Nestle Cream with the condensed milk before blending it with the crushed graham balls. 

I hope you’ll have fun making and consuming this delicious dessert.


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Graham Balls Recipe
  • • 1 can of Condensed Milk = 41.00
  • • 2 packs (200g) of Graham Powder = 74.00
  • • Marshmallow = 20.25
  • • Sprinkles(optional) = 10.00
  • • Small cupcake liner(optional) = 2.00
  • Disposable container = 45.00
  • Labor = 20.00
  • Yields = 40 pcs
  • Selling price = 8/60.00
  • Total expenses = 209.25
  • Potential Profit = 90.75
  1. In a bowl mix add the 1 ¾ packs of graham powder and add gradually the condensed milk condensed milk. Mix well.
  2. Add the remaining amount of condensed milk and mix well until too form of like dough.
  3. Take a few amounts of graham dough and roll into palm or any flat and smooth surface and make it flat.
  4. Put the marshmallow in the middle of flattens graham dough and shapes it again into ball.
  5. Dip and roll the graham balls in the favorite sprinkles.
  6. Serve and Enjoy the Graham balls.
  7. Note: Prices of ingredients are based on Puregold and public market, you can choice cheaper price and other brand of ingredient to maximize you profit income. High production of product high profit income.


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