Gabi, also known as taro root, is already a famous plant renowned all over the world even before science was able to explain all the nutrients that it possess. Well, what would you expect from an “all-around: veggie which plays a role in digestion, energy production, metabolic efficiency, nutrient absorption, enzyme function development and even up to fighting off anemia?

To guide you out of any form of doubts possibly clouding your mind on the unshakeable popularity of this plant just as stated, here is a list of the top acclaimed benefits of gabi:

Cancer Prevention

Well, we all know that there is no cure for cancer yet but we know it better when we say that we can prevent it- alike to everything else. Including gabi in your diet is one of the most suggested ways for you to cheat your way against cancer. This prevention mechanism is caused by vitamins A and C, combined with other different antioxidants- which all are working towards the improvement of the immune system as well as the elimination of cancer-inducing radicals inside our body.

Improves Digestion and Cleanses the Tract

Due to the significantly high amount of fibers contained by the taro root, this part of taro considerably supports our gastrointestinal health. Basically, with a healthy digestive tract, digestion up to nutrient absorption are also geared towards their way up. Therefore, any form of hurting up to illnesses, such as cramping and colon cancer respectively, will be avoided.

Fights Off Diabetes

The regulation of insulin and glucose in the body is facilitated by what we pertain to as the dietary fibers, which then is also contained by the taro roots. Both the development and the worsening of diabetes can be swayed away through this probably-one-of-the-top-fiber-source that we ever had.

Spikes and plunges in blood sugar can also be resolved through regular and planned intake of taro root.

Promotes Healthy Heart

Potassium- a nutritional element that is critical towards determining that an individual is both healthy and functional, at its optimum rate if possible. This is because potassium, in fact, do facilitates the different transfers in the human body while regulating the blood vessels and arterial pressures which then reduces the overall blood pressure itself.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Additionally, potassium is proven to have the ability to cause an increase in one’s cognitive function caused by the different neural connections as an after-effect of blood pressure being reduced and fluid transfer between neural membranes being well regulated.

Fuels Up Immune Function

The vitamin E found in taro root acts as an antioxidant involved in the diminishing of the innumerable aging and other oxidative stressor fueled illnesses. Furthermore, with the lack of this, muscle disorders and damage to the blood cells must be expected.

Just keep in mind that beyond all the benefits of eating gabi, it must be noted that this is high in calorie. Nonetheless, its benefits on the other side- if ever you do not consider the primary stated as favorable for you, indeed will always outweigh whatever setback which could possibly be attached to it.


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