Health Benefits of Sinigang

How Healthy is Sinigang?

It is impossible that whole country uplifts and hails the preservation and even more, cultivation of a kind of dish that of which is not good for their health and is only worth the praise on the surface. Yes, Filipino is easily captured by a foods’ scent and taste but that’s not all that there is to that… we have high standards, you know!

Yikes, I hope that didn’t sound weird and trying. Anyway, going back, even just by the glimpse on Sinigang- whatever the version of it that actually comes up on your mind, we could already identify that most probably this food Is healthy! Well, the green leafy stuff that’s always in it plus the not-so-loved-by-the-kids sliced almost translucent veggie AKA radish isn’t preserved to be kept there just for nothing!

But really. What are the nutrients with which we could found from Sinigang? In the realm of health standards, how healthy-really, is Sinigang?

In order to identify this one, we will be looking at the main ingredients used- furthermore, let’s have a glimpse on how the different version of Sinigang could actually give you a different set of health benefits- that most probably, would do nothing but make you love Sinigang even more!

Pro-tip: You can now open that notepad app on your mobile phone and start creating a list of the health benefits that captures your attention the most. What for? Well, so convincing either your parents, or your roommate- or whoever you’re with that is assigned at cooking be encouraged enough to have nothing else but tadaaah- Sinigang as the next meal. Win-win situation, indeed!


General Health Benefits of Sinigang

In the task of finding the fundamental health benefits of Sinigang, let us use the basic ingredients that are normally used in the preparation of the ‘original’ Sinigang- the Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Sinigang).

With that, let us list them down:

Pork meat, eggplant, radish, string beans (sitaw), taro root, and utmost important, tamarind!

Now, what else is left to do- let’s now get down to business, folks!

1. Pork Meat

Fat (especially, the good kind of fats, of course), proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates- do you know that every time you eat your favorite Sinigang, the following list of goodness is also gulped down not only in your gut but as well as in your whole system? Well, that’s just the start. The list continually goes on and on, but for now, let us be in search of what actually does having these nutrients has to do with your health concerns.

  • Fats– Although this one is dreadfully looked at- by many, because of its connection with allegedly increasing the risk for heart disease, the real thing about this is that as long as you’re consuming them in proper amounts at regular intervals, then you could even turn the tables by reducing the possibility of heart disease, itself! Imagine what moderation can actually do for you- oh yeah, it’s unimaginable, right?

Nonetheless, that irony-like health fact had been possible because FYI, foods containing fats such as pork meat, as long as they are not contributing to the addition of extra calories to your diet, is in fact, recommended for you and your heart-concerns.

  • Protein– One another beyond-words significant nutrient, which is in macromolecule form, that is very much needed by the body and is found in significant levels at your beloved Sinigang are proteins.

The body’s necessity for protein is rooted down until the cell-level- this might seem too technical for you but in order for each among the billion cells in your body to actually work properly, you need to supply them with the proper amount of nutrients that could only be sourced from nothing else but proteins.

Beyond from benefiting the evident growth of your hair and nails, proteins are also responsible for wound-healing as one of its fundamental function revolves around the spontaneous act of building and repairing broken tissues.

One another remarkable importance of proteins is that these are used for the synthesis or development of enzymes. “What’s with these enzymes that you are talking about?”

Well, a quick catch up for your missed science lesson- without enzymes, you could never function and actually, exist in the same way as do and as you are right at this moment. That is because these E-proteins are very much responsible for increasing the rate of reaction in your body. Hence, without them, every cell up to every system of your body would function noticeably slower than it is efficiently and effectively doing right now… detrimental indeed. So, what does this have to say at the end? Make sure to eat up every pork meat on your Sinigang bowl, hah!

The last thing about proteins that are insignificant levels within pork meats is that this nutrient is defined as macronutrient- and what does this means, again? Well, that only says you really need to take them in relatively large amounts. That is why, beyond from Sinigang and the many variations of it you should at least try at least once, here are other pork recipes you could use to make sure that you are getting just enough amounts of this macronutrient.

  • Vitamins- That pork in your Sinigang is said to contain vitamins, but what specifically are those vitamins?

Welp, that’s nothing else but the group of B Vitamins- and mind you, this vitamin B complex is actually composed of not one, not two, certainly not three but 8 B vitamins!

That of which includes Thiamine (B-1), Riboflavin (B-2), Niacin, Pantothenic Acid (B-5), Pyridoxine (B-6), Biotin (B-7), Folic Acid (B-9), and Cobalamin (B-12)… so, okay? That’s the list- but what do these could cause to your health?

All these B-Vitamins has a powerful impact on your body in terms of stabilizing your energy levels, improving your brain functions and being accountable for the developmental processes that happen with and in-between cells.


Also, it aids the following processing: Maintaining good eyesight and preventing various eye problems, active and progressive functionality of the brain, uninterrupted digestion, stabilized appetite, and even so, regular hormone production,

  • Minerals- The additional minerals other than what we have already stated that are found in your Pork Sinigang are mainly in forms of phosphorus and zinc.  With these two minerals working hand in hand- assuming that they are provided in a significant amount as how the pork in your Sinigang do provide, a developed rate of cell growth is a result together with the increased efficiency of your immune system; also, teeth and bone strengthening.
  • Carbohydrates– Along with proteins, fats, and lipids- carbohydrates completes the Big Four which makes up the macromolecules not only significant but more accurately, critically needed by the body.

Despite the accumulated unfair reputation to the term “carbs”, truth is, there is a whole bunch folds of goodness that this macromolecule has in its back- in fact, carbs alone can help an individual have a regulated mood, improved heart health and reduced risk for heart-related illnesses, boosted brain performance, and could even flex itself up towards the capability of possibly decreasing the risk for the development or acquisition of cancer. Moreover, it could also help one who has sleeping problems and what’s amazing is that consuming carbs could help directly in this “consuming” process it is involved with! Amazing, huh? Of course. Your Sinigang is not “just-just” (As one of our Miss Universe candidates have once powerfully stated)

The most important fact among all of these most probably is how carbs actually are identified as the body’s main source if energy! Oh, so if you need something to pump you up for the rest of the day, then why not prepare pork food like Sinigang?

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2. Eggplant

So, what does these cylindrical-like purple veggie has to do with helping you in your health concerns?

  • Eggplants in Your Sinigang Regulates Your Digestion: Dietary fibers are found in high levels only in selected veggies- these dietary fibers are responsible for helping one achieved a balanced diet… and oh, have I already told you that eggplants contain significant levels of these wondrous fibers? They do.

In addition to that, we all know that fiber is a great necessity as for your gut concerns- as it promotes a stabilized movement of food bolus and chyme (yeah, they’re the terms used in describing your food as it moves down to its final destination- absorption of nutrients) and also aids in healthy bowel movement.

In addition to all of what has been stated, fibers are also responsible for the facilitating the secretion of gastric juices- which then is very much important in breaking down your food in while it is in stomach and small intestine so that it could be transformed into something finally useful for the functionality of your different body systems.

  • Eggplants in Your Sinigang Could Help You Lose Weight: One of the main problems that the world facing nowadays is the prevalence of obesity- and worse, the many illnesses that is linked with it. Good news is that, with the help of the nutrients found in your eggplant at your Sinigang, you could actually give your body system a hand in the reduction of acquiring obesity and maintaining only the healthy weight just as you are in need of.

Also, eggplants contain only minimal amounts of cholesterol- hence, what makes it as additional food for those who want to lose weight. What’s more awesome with all of this is that even taken in not relatively large amounts, you could already fill fulfilled! Therefore, decreasing the possibility of you grabbing another food just right after you have eaten!

Without the tendency towards overeating and with ghrelin (the I-am-hungry-eat-now!) hormone production prevented, you are sure a step nearer to your losing weight goals. Don’t forget to send us an update-card!

  • Eggplants in Your Sinigang Could Decrease Risk for Cancer Acquisition: This by far, is the most impactful effect of any food, we suppose are existent. A killing cancer-cell hormone had been found to be in significant levels within the eggplant’s peel as based on a study. That hormone is called as the “Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides” (phew, that’s definitely a hard to pronounce one). Although the effectivity of this hormone is best applied only in topical treatment so far, what hinders the consumption of eggplants itself with that possibility of producing almost if not exactly the same effect?

Believe in the power of your Sinigang eggplants, dear!

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3. Radish

  • Radish in Your Sinigang Protects the Heart: No, this is not a metaphor of any sort. What we are talking about is that heart of yours, physically- with the high levels of what we call as the anthocyanins, consumption of radish not only helps the heart be kept healthy and function regularly but as well as, could reduce the possible risk of acquiring cardiovascular illnesses… the kind of which we all wish to be the last kind of sickness that we could ever possibly have.
  • Radish in Your Sinigang Controls Blood Pressure: If you are experiencing hypertension, with the radish’ significant levels of potassium, all that you are really in need of is to keep the flow in control- and voila, you’re already on the safety net!
  • Radish in Your Sinigang Helps You Achieve That “Glow In The Outside”: The intake consumption of radish in regular levels and sufficient amounts could help one have that glowing and healthy skin! Thanks to the Zinc, Phosphorus, and loads of Vitamin V that this veggie has (oops, time to reform your thinking about eggplants, huh?)
  • Radish in Your Sinigang Hydrates You: Radish has a high-water content and just by consuming one could help you a lot especially during summer seasons. More Sinigang-themed meals during summer, then.

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4. String Beans (Sitaw):

String beans are highly recommended for lactating mothers. Also, is identified as an energy food. It helps in the prevention of the degradation of the bone.

Most importantly, string beans aids in assuring that your DNA is damage-free at all times.

For those who are experiencing issues with iron deficiency and if it is currently your red-days, be sure to eat all of those string beans in you ‘ever-heathy’ sour broth.


5. Taro Root

If you have a problem in concern with your digestive system that of which could include excess gas, experiencing cramping, being prone to constipation, or maybe you have been experiencing diarrhea much usual that what you have been- then gulping down your Sinigang could be a solution.

Also, the taro root in your Sinigang has the power to reduce the risk of developing diabetes as it stabilizes insulin and glucose release within one’s system.



So, what does the ‘original’ souring agent has to do in concern to your health?

A healthy heart is assured, and the immune system’s functionality is fueled up. Also, it can slow down your aging processes and even more, could help you when you’re dealing with cold and flu… one more wondrous thing is that. it could be your back-up buddy vs. diabetes!


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