Health Benefits of Tuba

Considering that the Philippines is a tropical country, it bears many fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and especially coconuts. The abundance of the coconut in the country makes it clear why it is a popular choice for most Filipinos who do not adopt a lavish lifestyle. Known for its availability, healthiness, and cheapness, the coconut is used for wine. However, unlike wine or beer that undergo a process of brewery, coconut wine is easily made from the trees around the Philippines by local tappers. As a result, the locals call the extract tuba wine.

This alcoholic beverage is a favorite for all-night drinking and festivities because of its relatively easy way of acquiring. There are many health benefits of tuba such as:

  1. Abundance of probiotics

Because of the fermentation process that takes place after harvesting, tuba is a good source of probiotics. These probiotics aid in the promotion of good digestion of food. Furthermore. Tuba wine has antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. They are useful in the prevention of illnesses and infections. You could say that a swig of tuba is almost as good as drinking your tiny bottle of Yakult, Delight, or any other kind of cultured milk you can find in supermarkets.

  1. Supplement for protein

Similar to Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), they also have the nine amino acid chains that are essential building blocks of protein. Protein is the main component of muscle development. For all you gym goers out there, you ought to not miss out on the health benefits of tuba if you want to be ripped and gain a lot of muscle while working out. So take a leap and try out a glass of tuba.

  1. Mineral supplements

Other minerals you can find are potassium, vitamin C, and phosphorus. When you exert energy, you are flushing out electrolytes, which are usually gained by hydrating yourself with beverages high in sodium such as Pocari Sweat or the infamous Gatorade. But tuba wine is a cheaper and healthier alternative to drinking commercially available sports drink. The potassium in tuba plays a role in balancing the number of electrolytes in your body with sodium. Not only that, sodium controls blood pressure to balance out the highs and lows in the system. This is perfect for active lifestyles that often dehydrates you fastest such as working out and running.

  1. Antioxidant properties

The vitamin C in tuba wine is actually considered an antioxidant that helps flush out free radicals in the body. Phosphorus, as mentioned before, is linked to calcium, which means it controls the building of bone density and your body’s nutrient absorbing capabilities.

Take Note!

Getting all these health benefits does not work just by taking tuba all by itself. Just like any other healthy lifestyle, you should always add exercise, diet, and good amount of sleep. Combined, you are able to reap the benefits of tuba at a faster rate than doing none of the above! What’s more by supporting the purchase of tuba wine, you are also supporting our local farmers with livelihood.



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