How to Make Homemade Bibingkang Malagkit

We all know that rice has become a huge part of our culture as Filipinos and it is also the major staple food in the country. That being said, it’s no wonder why there are countless recipes for rice made by Filipinos! From savory fried rice recipes, rice cakes, and delicious desserts like suman, sapin-sapin, and ginataang mais, I’m sure that you’ll love the incredible taste and versatility of rice as a major ingredient. Well, it’s really a major thanks to the creativity and style of Filipino cuisine! 

Now, when we talk about irresistible Filipino desserts made of rice, one of the first names that come to mind is Bibingka. Oh, and to avoid confusion, let me differentiate the two types of Bibingka because both are made of rice. Puto Bibingka is a rice dessert characterized by having the consistency of a cake. This one’s usually paired with Puto Bumbong which is another iconic Christmas dessert for Filipinos. On the other hand, Bibingkang Malagkit is characterized by having a sweet and sticky consistency. It also contains an irresistible touch of coconut milk flavor that really sets it apart from any other rice dessert. And there you have it! 

Today, we’ll be making a delicious, quick, and easy homemade Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe brought to us by none other than Panlasang Pinoy. Ah, I’m sure that you’ll love making this recipe for your loved ones. Oh, and it’s also a nice small business idea! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it! 

Homemade Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe

Okay! Shall we begin? Our Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe may be a bit challenging at first but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it as long you relax and just enjoy the process. After all, the more we dedicate our love to cooking these recipes, the tastier it gets, right? So don’t worry! Moreover, all of the ingredients we’ll use can be easily bought from local markets and nearby grocery stores. In fact, the majority of the ingredients can actually be readily found in your pantry! 

The ingredients we’ll need for this recipe are, of course, Glutinous or Sticky Rice, coconut milk, white sugar, dark brown sugar, salt, and water. Be sure to buy some extra coconut milk because we’ll be using it both for the malagkit rice and latik topping! Oh, and also don’t forget that the darker the brown sugar is, the better. 

Alright! Now that we’ve gathered everything we need for our Bibingkang Malagkit, let’s start cooking! First, simply wash and rinse the glutinous rice to remove excess dirt and debris then set it aside for a while. Next, just pour two cups of coconut milk into the cooking pan and continuously stir it until it boils. When it’s already boiling, we can now add the salt, white sugar, and glutinous rice into the pan. Keep on mixing and cooking everything up until it’s well-combined and the coconut milk has completely evaporated. Set it aside and let it cool down for a bit. When it’s already cooled down, place it in a bowl with some banana leaves and mold the mixture into your desired shape. And that’s already our bibingka!

Now, to make the sweet and delicious latik, just pour another two cups of coconut milk into the cooking pan and let it boil. When it’s already boiling, add some brown sugar and continue mixing it until the sugar is completely dissolved and starts to caramelize. You can add some salt to balance the sweetness of the latik. Once you’ve already achieved the perfect balance of flavor you desire, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down for a while. 

Finally, you can now pour the caramelized latik on top of the bibingka. And boom! You have now successfully made your own version of Bibingkang Malagkit at home. 

There you go! Easy peasy, right? I’m sure that you’ve handled it well and cooked a very delicious version of Bibingkang Malagkit. The best part about it is that you can always adjust the sweetness of the latik by how much you pour on top, right? Well, for people like us who have a sweet tooth, the sweeter is always the better! 

So, how was it? Did you like our Homemade Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe? Well, you already know what to do! For more quick and exciting Filipino dish recipes, just follow Panlasang Pinoy.

How to Make Homemade Bibingkang Malagkit
  • ½ kilo Malagkit rice (glutinous rice or sticky rice)
  • 2 cups pure coconut milk
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • water (for cooking the sticky rice)
  • 2 cups pure coconut milk (For latik topping)
  • 1½ cup dark brown sugar (adjust as needed) the darker the color, the better (For latik topping)
  • ½ tsp. salt to balance sweetness (For latik topping)
  1. Wash and cook the glutinous rice. Set aside
  2. In a cooking pan put the 2 cups coconut milk and stir until it boils. When it is boiling add the white sugar, salt and cook glutinous rice then stir until combined and dry. Set aside.
  3. Place in the bowl with banana leaves and shape it.
  4. In another cooking pan add the 2 cups coconut milk and stir until boil then add the brown sugar.
  5. Add salt to balance the sweetness of sauce.
  6. Stir until dissolved sugar and caramelize the sauce.
  7. Pour the caramelized sauce on top of the bibingka.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

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