How to Make HOMEMADE Special Puto Bumbong with Leche Flan Toppings

Filipinos are just crazy about the idea of Christmas, so much that we have been known to hold the longest celebration of it in the whole world! For Filipinos, the Christmas season starts as early as the month of September. During this month, gigantic malls in the cities start decorating their establishments with colorful and attractive Christmas decorations! Barangays start setting up their own amusement parks or “peryahan” for little kids to enjoy. And lastly, every evening mass in the church is made extra special because there are vendors outside selling the freshly-cooked Puto Bumbong

Together with its classic partner, the Bibingka, Filipinos just can’t get enough of this purple glutinous rice treat. Nothing beats the unique satisfaction it gives to our tongues especially when you spread a handful of butter and sprinkle coconut shreds and sugar on top! It just makes you feel that the Christmas season is indeed already here, whenever you get a bite of Puto Bumbong. 

On the other hand, there’s this famous Filipino dessert everyone’s so crazy about especially during traditional Fiestas, birthday celebrations, reunions, weddings, and many more! It’s that sweet, creamy, and caramel custard known as the one and only Leche Flan! A Leche Flan is basically the Filipino version of Creme Caramel. It is a custard dessert filled with a clear caramel layer on top. The Spaniards are the ones who brought this brilliant dessert to our country during the centuries of their colonization and as time went by, more and more Filipinos learned to love the Leche Flan. 

Well, what do you say that we do something amazing today? How about we combine these two all-time favorite desserts at home? How about we combine the Puto Bumbong and Leche Flan desserts into one? You’ve got to admit, I know you’re excited about this too! So, without further ado, Panlasang Pinoy Recipes will now teach you the recipe of our Homemade Special Puto Bumbong with Leche Flan Toppings!

Homemade Special Puto Bumbong with Leche Flan Toppings Recipe

Don’t worry! Here at Panlasang Pinoy, it is our goal to encourage everyone to try home cooking. After all, nothing beats homemade food! So, expect this recipe to be quick and easy to follow. Moreover, all of the ingredients in this recipe can be found at your local markets and grocery store. Well then, are you ready? Let’s begin! 

For the ingredients, we will need glutinous rice flour, coconut milk powder, water, violet food coloring, banana leaf or aluminum foil, grated coconut, condensed milk, grated cheese, margarine, and of course our special ingredient, the Leche Flan! Now, you can opt to use the aluminum foil, but I recommend using the banana leaves because they produce additional flavors and aroma to our Puto Bumbong!

To begin, let us first combine the dry ingredients including the glutinous rice flour and coconut milk powder. Make sure to mix them well until the ingredients are fully incorporated with each other. Next, gradually add water and violet food coloring. Mix them well until it reaches the consistency and texture of clay. 

Now you will need to grate the dough mixture using a grater to make what is called the galapong. For those who don’t know, galapong is the most common base ingredient for a lot of Filipino “kakanin” like Bibingkang Galapong, Palitaw, and of course, Puto Bumbong. After grating the dough to make galapong, simply combine a handful of it, then roll it into bite sizes. 

Next up, we will now prepare the wraps. Again, you can use either aluminum foil or banana leaf, both are fine. Today, we will be using banana leaves. To start, simply lay down the banana leaf and brush the surface with margarine. Aside from adding flavor, the margarine ensures that the Puto Bumbong won’t stick to the wrap while steaming. After placing the Puto Bumbong, let it steam for about 20 minutes. 

Finally, you can now add your preferred toppings! For me, I’d like to brush another layer of margarine, add grated coconut, condensed milk, grated cheese, and of course, the Leche Flan! And that’s it! You’ve successfully made the Puto Bumbong with Leche Flan Toppings at home! 

So, what did you think? That was easy, right? Now you can make Puto Bumbong at home whenever the cravings hit you! The different layers of texture and flavor that this recipe offers can be further brought to the next level by pairing it with a cup of hot chocolate. Hmm, now we’re talking! 

Did you like this recipe? Well, you know what to do! For more quick and exciting Filipino dish recipes, follow Panlasang Pinoy Recipes.

How to Make HOMEMADE Special Puto Bumbong with Leche Flan Toppings
  • 500 grams Glutinous Rice Flour
  • 3 tbsp coconut milk powder
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tbsp violet food color
  • Banana Leaf or Aluminum Foil
  • Grated Coconut (For Toppings)
  • Condensed milk (For Toppings)
  • Grated cheese (For Toppings)
  • Margarine (For Toppings)
  • Leche Flan (For Toppings)
  1. In a bowl combine glutinous rice flour, coconut milk powder. Mix well
  2. Gradually add water and violet food color, mix well with your hand until clay texture
  3. Grate the dough using grater to make a galapong.
  4. Prepare a banana leaf or aluminum foil for a wrap and brush with margarine
  5. Steam for 20 mins
  6. For toppings brush margarine, add grated coconut, condensed milk, grated cheese and leche flan
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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