How to Make Milo Truffles with Wafer “Must Try Recipe”

Truffles, not to confused with the English dessert trifle, are sweet confectionaries that originated from Europe and parts of America. They are these bite-sized spherical chocolate ganaches that are coated in all kinds of toppings. These toppings can range from chocolate powder to nuts. The pastries usually let their creativity run wild or stick to tradition.

There are huge varieties of truffles found throughout Europe with different countries having a signature truffle recipe. This dessert treat is mostly associated with the rich and is commonly eaten as a dessert during a fancy meal.

In fact, truffles, the dessert, got its name from truffles, the mushroom, that became sought after for its flavor and rarity. It’s a rare ingredient because it can only grow in the wild in certain parts of the world. Harvesting these truffles can also prove to be a challenge and contributed to it becoming a sought after commodity all around the world.

It’s a celebrated flavoring agent all around the world, albeit a rare one. It’s a sought after ingredient even here in the Philippines.

In 2018, the country celebrated its first-ever truffle festival which was held at Newport Mall. The chefs there celebrated by cooking dishes using the truffle as the ingredients. There seemed to be a variety of cuisines at the festivals although they had to get creative using truffle for Filipino recipes.

But we’re not dealing with that mushroom for today’s recipe. We’re more interested in the truffle confectionary made of chocolate ganache. Filipinos undeniably have sweet tooths with many being chocolate fanatics. Loads of chocolate products are shipped to the Philippines and we even have some chocolate products produced here in the country.

I’m definitely in the category of chocolate fanatics. I always have a sweet tooth since I was a child. The more teeth rotting the treat is the better. I had to reign it in as an adult though. I had some chocolate truffles before but they were always few and most are on the expensive side. It was always an exciting experience getting a piece of them because they’re always delicious.

I never thought I’d get to recreate them though because I’m not much of a chocolatier. The truffles I had always looked so complex and tasted it as well. It wasn’t until I’ve come across a truffle recipe tutorial on Youtube did it cross my mind to make my own at home.

Truffles don’t have to be such a complex treats to make. There are loads of videos on Youtube that only use 3 to 4 ingredients to make their homemade truffles and I’m determined to make my own.

The recipes online are fairly simple too. We can use everyday ingredients that are available in our kitchen. So I pondered a little bit, what are the ingredients we can use that anyone in the Philippines has access to create truffles. Of course, it’s Milo. We can create truffles with the Nestle drink, Milo.

Milo is a chocolate drink that comes in a pack in its powder form. It needs to be mixed with water and some sugar to create the delicious chocolate drink. I grew up with this chocolatey drink and have an available stock of Milo to this day. I remember the times when my cousins and I would snack on the Milo powder because it was still quite delicious for kids.

So why not make truffles with Milo? And I did just that after a few days of experimentation. This finished truffles recipe is a definite must-try if you love chocolates. We’re only using 3 ingredients and it’s all fairly inexpensive. I’m very satisfied with the finished product.

If you’re up for it, you can get creative and top this Milo truffle with all kinds of ingredients like nuts. Check out the list of ingredients and instructions down below on how to make these must-try milo truffles.

I had so much fun doing this recipe that I opted to make a video to go along with it. I’m sure kids and even adults everywhere would love it. Enjoy!

How to Make Milo Truffles with Wafer "Must Try Recipe"
  • 1 cup of milo powder
  • ¼ cup of condensed milk
  • 2 pcs of wafer biscuits
  1. Crush the wafer biscuits and set aside.
  2. In a clean bowl mix together the condensed milk and half of milo powder. Mix well
  3. Add the crush wafer into a milo mixture.Mix well
  4. Put plastic wrap in a tupperware and dust with milo powder.
  5. Pour the milo mixture and top again with milo.
  6. Then cover with plastic wrap and Refrigerate for 3 hours and cut into bite size.
  7. Serve and Enjoy


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