Mango Ice Candy Recipe

 Mango Ice Candy Recipe

When it is summer time, everyone is excited to have a hold of this, especially young ones. Why? Because this thing can help you feel refreshed despite the summer heat. Definitely, it is a hit during sunny season. I can remember buying two for myself because I can quickly finish one. They would say that I got a saw-like set of teeth whenever eating something cold.

Ice candy. Good memories go with this one. During school recess, I bet you had one of these when you were still a grader. What flavor did you like the most back then? I personally love mango-flavored one because mango is my favorite fruit.

Ice candy in the Philippines is the same as the freezie or freeze pop in the United States. It is also called ice lolly in Scotland. It is a water-based frozen snack made by freezing flavored liquid, such as sugar water, fruit juice, or puree, inside a plastic casing or tube (either round or flat). We usually have this thing round. And we nibble at the end of the plastic to sip or bite the ice candy. Filipino ice candies come in different flavors. Some of the favorites among kids are orange, mango, buko, and avocado. Chocolate-flavored ones are also popular. Almost any fruit or even chocolates can be used to make this summer treat. But with our creativity, we also have buko salad and buko pandan ice candies. Desserts made easily available.

Our recipe here is mango ice candy. It is a good combination because mangoes are commonly available during summer season. But if you really want something else, you can replace such flavor. The thing is, this recipe is very simple to make. Do not forget to put your corn starch in. It will make your ice candy eating experience better with the creamy texture. Enjoy!

Mango Ice Candy Recipe


  • 1 kg ripe mangoes cut into small pieces
  • 1 medium-sized can condensed milk around 250 ml
  • 1 pack Nestle cream
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 4 cups water


  • Place 4 cups water in a casserole.
  • Add 1/2 cup cornstarch.
  • Mix the remaining ingredients and mix well.
  • Heat the casserole on slow fire while stirring the contents. Don’t boil.
  • After 10 minutes, remove from heat. Allow to cool. NOTE: Make sure that the mixture is cool or the plastic wrappers will burst!
  • Use a funnel for easy transfer of the mixture to the ice candy wrappers.
  • Freeze. Serve and enjoy!


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