Mango Mochi Recipe

This chewy, bite-sized treat popular in Japan as a snack or dessert has made its way to our shores in delightful variants ranging from chocolate to strawberry, so why not make your own little box full of mouthfuls of heaven right in your own kitchen? It’s surprisingly easy to make, and is a fun giveaway during special occasions or the holiday season that will be a welcome change from the usual boxes of fruitcake or butterscotch bars. This recipe puts a local tropical spin on the typical mochi filling, making use of fresh cubed mangoes and a touch of lush passionfruit juice to add flavor to the glutinous rice that surrounds the fruit. You can also add pineapple cubes, if you prefer—just make sure that your fruit fillings aren’t too wet so that the mochi will keep well. Best served cold, this mochi is going to be a runaway hit with your friends and relatives!



  • 1 1/4 cup passion fruit juice
  • 1 1/4 cup glutinous rice flour
  • cubed mangoes
  • cornstarch for dusting

Cooking Instructions:

  1. add passion fruit juice and rice flour into a microwave safe bowl
  2. mix until combined
  3. cover tightly with plastic wrap
  4. microwave for 3 minutes on high
  5. carefully remove plastic wrap and stir – the center should be slightly liquidy and the edges stiffer
  6. cover again with plastic and microwave for another 2 minutes
  7. remove from microwave and stir. you should now have a ‘dough’
  8. dust a cutting board with cornstarch and turn the dough out onto the board
  9. wait about 30sec – 1min until the dough is cool enough to handle (your fingertips will thank me)
  10. dust the top of the dough with cornstarch and form into a log
  11. cover loosely with plastic wrap (keep covered to prevent from drying out)
  12. cut off approximately 1.5 inch piece and form into a circle (make sure your hands are well starched so the dough doesn’t stick)
  13. place some cubed mango in the center of the dough and pinch closed
  14. ENJOY!

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