Minatamis na Buli Recipe

Buri palm or Buli is one of the largest palm trees in the country. The leaves are strong enough and can be a use as binder for a bundle of firewoods or farm goods . Sometimes, the strips taken from its frond or from the stalk of its leaves is soften by overhandling and used as ropes to bind farm goods. The palm leaf also serves as a good food wrapper or packaging for many recipes like suman sa ibos and patupat. The Buri Palm is also used in weaving native hats and natives mats. Others are used to harvest its sweet toddy they called sweet tuba that they collected from the inflorescence of buri palm fruits. When freshly harvested, the fruits are green and turns maroon to dark after a few days specially when stored in the refrigerator.
The young fruits has soft nuts with taste and consistency similar to the buko or young coconut that is eaten without cooking or sweetened by boiling in water with lots of sugar to become the Tagalog minatamis na buli. This is recipe can be seen usually in Pampanga and Bulacan. Some of the recipes have thier own twists by adding some ingredients like honey and star anise. 

Minatamis na Buli Recipe

Minatamis na Buli Recipe


  • Ingredients:
  • 1/4 kg sugar
  • 4 cups buli fruit
  • 4 pcs pandan leaves
  • 16 oz water


  • In a pot in medium heat, put-in the water and pandan leaves.
  • Bring it to a boil, then add the sugar. Stir well.
  • Add the buli fruit, then stir again.
  • Boil until water and sugar turn into thick syrup.
  • Remove from heat. Remove the pandan leaves before serving. Enjoy!




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