Most Loved Vegetable Dishes in the Philippines

Whether we are veggie-lovers or an all-meat type individuals- as we are right at this moment, we could not deny that at least once in our lives, our parents had experienced some hard time on making us eat vegetables. Well, if we would have been more concerned on the health benefits these food has for us beyond the plain-and-boring color and taste that it usually has compared to all the other meals that’s on the table, would we have changed our mind?

Most probably, it’s still a no. Back then, we would have been still more concerned on how it both looks and tastes like more than anything else. Therefore, the only thing possible that’s left for us to actually benefit from the lump of nutrients that vegetables has, is to in fact incorporate it with a creatively crafted recipe…

For that, here is a list of 100% proven delicious-tasting vegetable cuisines that your appetite would surely be craving for just as how you do in all your other non-veggie favorite meals!


Utan Bisaya famousity is well-proven by the many names that it carries as to some of which are dinengdeng, bulanglang, and laswa.

If you’re a fan of matching and mixing vegetables both due to either or both taste and health-concerns, then Utan Bisaya is perfect for you! Utan Bisaya is a vegetable dish which is made up of different vegetables, boiled, and sometimes, combined with some fish. In addition to that, because of the seemingly ‘simple’ result of presentation it offers to us, a variety on its taste can be easily integrated- so, do you want it a little bit spicy? Or you prefer it to be just as simple as it is? Your choice!

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It would be a quite good bet to assume that every Filipino has this vegetable dish at least a month in their dining table! The most cherished parts of this cuisine are its contained ampalaya, talong and okra! Prepare this dish with just the right amount of pork belly together with long beans, eggplant, bitter melon, okra, and calabasa then you’ll surely be remembered with beautiful commendations for everyone who has tasted your memorable and tasty obra!

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Finding something which could serve as a perfect partner to any fish or dry meat meals? Simply sauté mung (monggo) beans with leaves of either malunggay or ampalaya, then you’re all good to go! As a recommendation, you could add up bits of pork into it.

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Originally, laing is a vegetable dish created and preserved by Bicolanos. Generally. it is composed of dried leaves of gabi (which you could either buy dried or you have to dry by yourself) combined with coconut milk.

It must be noted that drying the leaves is an indeed vital part so that the unwanted texture that leaves an irritating effect on the tongue would not hinder the supposedly savored moment for anyone who eats this dish.

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Tortang talong is one among the common dishes which even high-end restaurants in the country do have on their list.

Tortang talong is basically an eggplant omelet that is complemented by ground meat filling. Serving is usually done with banana ketchup or soy sauce.

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Bundle of kangkong is probably one of the most common veggies that you can see in the market- the fact is, you could possibly have even one in your backyard!

To prepare an adobong kangkong, you’ll be in need of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. Also, you could add up bits of pork or fish You can prepare this both as a sole dish for your meal, or a side dish to dry meat.



This veggie dish, when it comes to taste, is one which would be on front seats- boiled potato combined with mayonnaise, sour crème, and even cheese and you’re all good to savor it!

To create a different mood for this dish, you could also add bits of meat in the form of barbecue or steak, and voila` you can now give yourself some congratulations tap because surely, you’ve just made a great veggie cuisine!

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