High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension is a national epidemic for it is not only observed but is factually-supported to be causing burdens to a large percentage of Filipino, mostly those that are entering their young to later adulthood years.

Aligned with that, although there are numerous factors which affects high blood pressure wherein some of which are even beyond your control such as genetic composition and as already stated, your age- there are still things that you can do in order for you to steer the wheel on the level towards controlling your blood pressure. That of which wherein having a healthy lifestyle plays a vital role. Specifically, and utmost important, your diet.


What does this means, then? It means that there are food in which is recommended for you to avoid in order to prevent not only hypertension but as well as the affixed complications that it has such as cardiovascular (heart) attack and stroke.

Salty Food

Consuming food with high levels of salt and salt substitutes had been found to be responsible for various cases of increasing your blood pressure. In fact, it can hit your blood pressure even more impactful than obesity and physical inactivity.

Why does this happen? Salt has the ability to trigger unnecessary fluid retention of your body which then is a possible culprit behind the beefing up of your high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are serious with living a healthier life and preventing the risk accompanying hypertension, then you should as well as be serious with reducing intake of salty food.

Always check the ingredients and never dare to play fool with yourself!


Processed Food Products

The ever-candidate for must-avoid food, isn’t it?

Processed food is the easiest food to be ingested in order for you to achieve a deadly level of blood pressure.

I hope you need no further warnings anymore after hearing that.

Bacon and Delicatessen Meats

Since these two are often inclusive of high levels of sodium, even small amount of this could already trigger your hypertension at bay.

Due to the nature of the preparation and preservation of these two, it is utmost advised to keep your hands off of them… and yes, your stomach, too.

Sweets and Everything That Is High-In-Sugar Products

No sweetened food nor drink is allowed to be taken by someone who has history of wildly fluctuating blood pressures. Also, these products could affect you in long-term period by the fact that high levels of sugar-containing food are sure to make you gain weight and worse, might cause obesity.

Food Products Filled With Fats! (Except Unsaturated Fats)

If the contained fats of the food you’re about to eat is neither a mono- nor a polyunsaturated one, then by all means, save yourself from that trap. That is because saturated and trans-fats are a major game-changer when it comes to your health because of the contained LDL cholesterol which then is considered as a bad type of cholesterol.


What most of us do not know is when these bad cholesterols would accumulate in one’s blood vessels, heart disease and hypertension is a big possibility through the act of stiffening these pathways.

For your information, some of the usual food that you should avoid are cakes, red meats, butter, pies, dairy products, and chicken skin.

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