Must-Try Delicious Tofu Vegan Dishes

A vegan and wanted to experiment with how many ways can you integrate Tofu in creating a variety of your healthy meal for the day? Then we got you!

Herein listed is the list of names of tofu dishes (even desserts!) and the reason why you must try them out. Are pen and paper ready? Here we go.

Bibimbap with Veggies and Tofu Bulgogi

If you’re a fan of the arising entertainment industry of Korea, you might also be aware of their culture and the food Koreans love to gobble up! If that’s the case, then maybe you’re in love with them too.

Hence, you could try out the dish named as “Bibimbap With Veggies and Tofu Bulgogi”. Now the question is, how can this meal be good for vegans? Well, it is because tofu is used to replace the traditional meat and eggs that are used in creating Bibimbap!

What do you think? Well, maybe you should stop thinking and start looking for the recipe online and prepare one for yourself!

Tofu Chorizo Tacos

Do you love tacos but you wanted more to be healthy and commit to the vegan life you’re trying to stick with? Then look for how easy can Tofu Chorizo Tacos be prepared and be amazed by how far tofu can fulfill you!

Vegetarian Tofu Spring Rolls

If you’re not that much into Korean cuisine then maybe you wanted to go for a Thai inspired one? Then this tofu spring rolls must be the right one or you.

In preparation, it must be noted that instead of using fresh mints, it is suggested that you use basil or any fresh herbs, instead! Also, in order to make sure that your tofu spring roll stays vegan no matter what, be sure that you use bean thread or rice noodles and instead of using soy sauce, you should opt for gluten-free tamari or nama shoyu- or any alternative that is certainly gluten-free will do!

Garlic and Tofu Miso Soup

Garlic and tofu lover at the same time? Then we’ve prepared a new thrill for you- a garlic-filled miso soup that is sure to keep your vegetarian self as intact as it should be despite the satisfaction it leaves both your tongue and tummy!

This miso soup is a perfect side for your vegan meal- preferably, one of which that is Asian in origin.

A note of caution for you, in purchasing for misos, be sure that what you’ll pick-up is tagged as gluten-free, or else, everything will be put in vain. Well, not really everything, but of course, let us not put your efforts to waste. So, keep that in mind!

Vegetarian Tofu “Egg” Salad

With a mixture of mustard complementing the finish of this tofu salad, you’ll have a tofu ala egg salad without actually putting egg in it! Amazing, huh? Of course, we know that you’re not into eggs. Surely, everything that’s in this salad is good for your vegan lifestyle as it only includes relish, spices, together with the tofu and mustard as stated.

Tofu is really the best alternative, isn’t it? It really saves you from the temptation to go the other lane by actually fulfilling the “gap” with even better substitute!

White pepper would also be of help. Wanted to give it a try?

Tofu Peanut Butter Pie

We’ve promised you a dessert within the list and we don’t have a knack in disappointing you! Who ever did said that going vegan is a boring lifestyle? That human must’ve been missing half of his life! And this tofu peanut butter pie we have here is one amongst the many proofs we have on hand.

If you think this will taste funny, no- we promise you, it won’t. So, if you’re introducing vegan living to your kids or you just want to feel like a kid for some time then we got you!

Topped with chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels together with bits of crushed peanuts and extra chocolate- and everyone else might be second-thinking why they are still not vegan!


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