Nilagang Tinolang Manok

Nilagang Manok is a simple Filipino chicken soup with clear broth. The term literally translates to boiled chicken. The cooking procedure is simple and straightforward. I highly recommend this recipe to beginners.


  • Manok
  • Papaya or Sayote
  • Patatas
  • Pechay
  • Malunggay
  • Patis
  • Bawang
  • Sibuyas
  • Asin, Paminta at magic sarap
  • Tubig


  1. In cooking pan or pot put the manok, sibuwas, bawang, patatas and pour the water.
  2. Seasoned with patis, asin, paminta at magic sarap. Cover until boiled.
  3. Check the manok and patatas time to time until soft.
  4. Add also the sayote then cover again.
  5. When the manok and patatas is soft add the pechay and malunggay.
  6. Stir until cook.
  7. Serve hot and enjoy the nilagang tinolang manok.


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