No-Bake Mango Cheese Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t love sweets? Filipino cuisine is famous for its rich flavors and sweetness is often at the forefront of most Filipino dishes. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Filipinos are huge dessert enthusiasts with many Filipino desserts commonly eaten for merienda.

Nowadays, cheesecakes are gaining well-deserved popularity in the country. The first time I ever tried a cheesecake was a blueberry flavored one from a fusion diner. I was taken aback at first by how small it was because I was used to towering cakes whose slices are double the size of a cheesecake slice.

The blueberry cheesecake’s flavors more than makeup for it. The understated middle layer of the cheese deliciously complements the sweet flavor of the blueberry on top and the bottom crust offers a welcome contrast in texture. All in all, a wonderfully balanced combination of flavors and textures with the layers used in the cheesecake. It was delicious and one slice is just the perfect amount for dessert that wouldn’t make you feel overly full.

I was also pleasantly made aware that there are many ways to make a cheesecake. No-bake cheesecakes, in particular, are making up a storm here in the Philippines because practically anyone can do it. 

Ovens are quite rare in a typical Filipino kitchen and cakes when needed are normally bought at bakeries. So no-bake recipes like cheesecakes are a welcome sight for home cooks who don’t have an oven in their kitchen.

I also love how cheesecakes are such versatile desserts. Its most basic form is the first layer of crust at the bottom and a thicker layer of a mixture of soft cheese, eggs, and sugar. You can do whatever you want once you got those two layers down. This is evident in the huge amount of cheesecake flavors you can find online.

Cheesecake originated in Ancient Greece with the first records of it coming from a book about how to make cheesecake from a Greek physician Aegimus.

And did you know that each country has its own version of cheesecake? From baked to no-baked cheesecakes, each country has a special cheesecake recipe that they’re country proudly present. In Asia, common cheesecake flavors are matcha (powdered Japanese green tea and lychee. The Philippines version is apparently the ube cheesecake.

But like I said, as long as you got those two top layers complete, you can do whatever you want with it in terms of flavor. So why not a no-bake mango cheesecake? Right?

It’s completely easy to make that even non-bakers or people inexperienced in the kitchen can be able to do it. Mango is also the national fruit of the Philippines and its delicious sweet flavor will go perfectly well with the understated flavors of the first two layers. I think it’s a perfect combination for those who are looking for a refreshing treat.

We have an abundance of sweet delicious mango for most parts of the year. And it will surely be a huge hit to everyone who tried and will surely impress their visitors.

This recipe will have the fundamental first two layers of crust and soft cheese mixture. On top, we’ll add a delicious mango puree and on top of that is a layer of slices of mango. This is the ultimate treat of mango-flavored dessert in the Philippines. Once it’s cool in the fridge, it’s ready to serve for dessert, for merienda, or for whenever you feel like it. I certainly don’t limit sweets at a specific time of day.

Fun fact: it’s still a huge debate on what cheesecake is classified as in cuisine. Is it a cake? A tart? A pie? A custard? No one really can quite agree. But it is a fact that cheesecake is a really delicious dessert that anyone can put their own spin in.

No-Bake Mango Cheese Cake Recipe


  • 1 cup of graham crushed
  • 4 tbs of melted butter
  • 3 tbsp of brown sugar
  • 1 pack cream cheese
  • 1 pack all purpose cream chilled
  • 3/4 cup of powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp of vanilla syrup
  • 2 fresh mango make these mango into mango puree and also need some mango slice for toppings
  • 1 Mr. Gulaman


  • Let’s do the crust first!. Pour the crashed grahams into pan. After that add the melted butter
  • Let’s do the filling!. In a bowl add cream cheese, chilled all purpose cream, powdered sugar and vanilla syrup. Mix them well until it’s fluffy!
  • After mixing the filling of our cheesecake pour this in cake pan. Let it chill it for 30 minutes
  • Now dissolve 1 tbsp of Mr. Gulaman into 2 tbsp of warm water. Mix it. After mixing add this to your mango puree and mix again.
  • After waiting for 30 minutes, add now the mango puree. Pour it over on the cream cheese mixture.
  • Final touch! Decorate the top of our cheesecake with mango slice. Then put it in fridge for 2-4 hours or overnight. Enjoy your No bake Mango cheesecake! Share this recipe to your friends!


  1. Medyo naguluhan lang ako sa instructions sa filling kasi wala naman akong nakitang whipping cream sa ingredients at icing sugar. Medyo nakakalito lang po para sa mga first time na mag pastry. Ayon lang naman po 😀

  2. goodevening po!una sa lahat kamusta po kayo?nakita ko po at nabasa ang inyong mga recipes ang gaganda at gusto ko pong matutunan at sususbukang gawin at gawing kunting pagkakitaan atleast may kunting maitulong sa asawa ko at lalo na sa mga ko pangallowance for school incase makuha ko ang inyong sekreto sa pagluluto…God bless you all!!!

  3. It looks lovely and I’d luv to try it out , however looking at the measurement of the vanilla spoons, it looks like it’s 2 tsps and not 2 tbsp which is a bit too much, I think.

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