No-Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

No Bake Oreo Cake is a very simple but delicious dessert. This will not require you to use an oven since it’s called “No Bake Oreo Cake” and this is the reason why it’s incredibly easy. This,No Bake Oreo Cake,has only a few ingredients that’s why it’s not that expensive.

This will not take you too long to prepare for all the ingredients. What you need to do for this delicious dessert is the crushed Oreo cookies,milk and to make it more yummy you can use the chocolate ice-cream sauce. You only have to repeat the layers for you to make it look like a cake. Keep it chilled in your fridge for an hour and it’s now ready to serve your No Bake Oreo Cake!

This must be the type of dessert that the whole family would enjoy to.have on the table. This would also suits to all audiences and also to all occasions.

No-Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

No-Bake Oreo Cake Recipe


  • Milk
  • 2 packages of Oreo cookies
  • 2 tubs of Cool whip
  • 10 crushed Oreo cookies
  • Chocolate ice-cream sauce


  • Dunk enough Oreos in some milk and line them at the bottom of a square pan
  • Use half the container of Cool whip to frost over the layer of Oreos
  • Repeat the layers until you run out of Oreos and Cool whip
  • Sprinkle the whole cake with the crushed Oreo cookies and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Keep chilled in your fridge to set for one hour and then take out to serve.



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