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Puto Cheese Recipe Patatim Recipe Carbonara Recipe Kalderetang Baka Recipe Chicken Pastel Recipe Chicken Kaldereta Caldereta Recipe Litson Manok or Lechon Manok Recipe Pork Mechado Classic […]

Palitaw sa Latik Recipe

Palitaw sa Latik Recipe We’ve already done a palitaw recipe on this site which is a rice delicacy or kakanin in Filipino that boils a […]

Puto Cheese Recipe

Puto Cheese Recipe I really love how this recipe turned out. Puto Cheese is one of my favorite puto flavors. Mainly because of how such […]

Pichi Pichi Recipe

Another Filipino delicacy from Quezon Province,Philippines,which is made from grated cassava,sugar and water is “Pichi-Pichi”. This is the kind of delicacy which is usually eaten […]

Brazo de Mercedes Recipe

Brazo de mercedes. Heavenly. Melt-in-the-mouth. Discover your way to having this delightful sponge cake recipe here. Brazo de mercedez is an adaptation of Swiss roll […]

Crema De Fruita Recipe

Originally, crema de fruita is a layered sponge cake and custard with fruits on top. Instead of sponge cake, broas or lady finger are sometimes […]

Puto Bumbong Recipe

Puto Bumbong is a funky looking rice delicacy or kakanin here in the Philippines. And other than the sapin-sapin, it’s probably the most colorful Filipino […]

Egg Salad Recipe

Egg Salad Recipe Can you imagine living here on Earth without eggs? I mean, we use eggs almost every day! Yes, mostly for breakfast, but […]

Red Salted Egg Salad Recipe

We are now on our fourth pick on our salad list. This time, it is something very Filipino. Something very common, a traditional Filipino delicacy. […]

Puto Maya Recipe

Puto is a classic Filipino rice cake that is made with steaming. Giving modifications to the original recipe, a puto maya rice cake is now […]