Potato Salad Recipe

Potato Salad Recipe

Looks like you are looking for a great morning start. Here is a recipe that will keep you going through your day-potato salad!

Although it is generally considered a side dish because it is commonly served with the main course, this salad is good for those who want to have a heavy but quick breakfast. It is made from boiled potatoes and added with other ingredients, such as mayonnaise. They said that the original recipe is not that colorful. It simply contains potatoes and the dressing. However, this recipe has extra colors to make it more attractive, especially to kids. Yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, celery, and green onions are added. There are also diced hard-boiled eggs. Other recipes also include raisins, apples, and some nuts. This salad is normally served cold or at room temperature.

So how is this potato dish as a breakfast option? Have you also tried it before? Although it is not very common among Filipino households, some moms now have this dish ready for their little ones for breakfast or snacks. What is in a potato that we can probably have it for breakfast? Can it give you the nutrients you need? 

Potatoes ranked the fourth most consumed crop in the world, next to rice, wheat, and corn. They are low in calories. A medium-sized one contains only 110 calories. They are also rich in potassium and phytonutrients, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which can promote health. There is also vitamin C in your potatoes! It acts as an antioxidant, preventing or delaying cell damage.

Although you are probably more familiar with mashed potato mixed with butter or that sour cream-flavored deep fried fries, maybe you could give this recipe a try. This is so easy to do! No sweat at all! If you have kids, you can even involve them in peeling the eggs or in mixing the ingredients. Just do not let them handle a knife please.

Ready, set, cook! Enjoy!

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How to Make Potato Salad | HOMEMADE | EASY SALAD RECIPE
  • Homemade Mayo Mustard Dressing (see recipes)
  • ½ kg Potato (cut into bite size and boiled)
  • Extra bacon bits
  • Water for boiling
  1. Peel and cut the potato.
  2. Bring the water to boil , add some salt then cook the potato for 15 minutes.
  3. After boiling the potato, soak it in cold water or running water. To avoid overcooking the potato.
  4. Mix the potato in Mayo mustard dressing and garnish with bacon bits.
  5. Serve and enjoy

How to Make Potato Salad | HOMEMADE | EASY SALAD RECIPE




  1. Love the potato salad recipe mine dont have the mayo and paprika i will try your recipe..maybe yours is the most tastier.

  2. […] Potato salad is made (obviously) from boiled potatoes. This dish comes in many versions in different regions of the world already. Though it is called as salad, potato salad is actually a side dish, as it usually accompanies the main course. It is often served with barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken among others. Generally considered as casual fare, this salad is typically served at picnics and other casual meals and events. […]

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