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Our kitchen has come a long way since the age of pottery, woodenware, and even steel. Some of the things that can be found in most kitchen nowadays is staple enough not to be replaced with anything else. But there are also those which have chosen to reinvent themselves to add convenience and refreshment to the kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a stylish product which will add glamor to the kitchen when displayed alone or a functional one which is aimed at making the chores at the kitchen feel like fun, there is literally a myriad of products to choose from.  

However, you do not have to run to the nearest retail store to find and procure them. Why spend your precious time and energy—and car gas—having to travel to a shop, when you can just buy any of them online?

At Amazon, no less! 


10 Amazing Kitchen Gizmos

The kitchen is a place where many things happen. Apart from being a place where dining and socialization would ideally take place, it is also a venue where a certain “magic” happens. That is, turning simple ingredients into foods by means of cooking.

For the experienced cooks, the kitchen is commonplace for different cooking activities, or dare I say, “alchemy.” Whether it is something as simple as making a solid out of a liquid such as boiling or frying egg, or even mashing multi-colored ingredients as making a salad. (What have you?) But for the more sophisticated, it may entail an activity such as turning heavily kneaded and battered dough into home-made pizza to celebrate an occasion for the family.

Yet, for activities as varied as food-making, it is clear that there is no such thing as a “one size, fits all” approach to preparing foods in the kitchen, especially involving cooking instruments. Generally the case, you would need more than just a knife, a chopping board, a pot, and a spatula in order to make use of your kitchen to its fullest.

Hence, for this list, we selected 10 of the best products we can find at Amazon without a single category to them all—apart from being electronics in nature, except for one.

Product NameDoes it run on energy?How many watts?PriceBuy Now
Spiralizer Ultimate 7No0$29.97Buy Now
Ozeri Pronto ZK14-SYesN/A$11.40Buy Now
Hamilton Beach 49980AYes950$49.88Buy Now
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Hand BlenderYes500$29.99Buy Now
Dash Rapid Egg CookerYes360$19.97Buy Now
NutriBullet NBR-1201Yes600$49.88Buy Now
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNYYes720$157.59Buy Now
Mueller Austria Electric KettleYes1110$29.98Buy Now
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain PlusYes850$149.95Buy Now
Cozyna Air FryerYes1500$59.99Buy Now
Amazon Instant PotYes$149.95Buy Now

1. Spiralizer Ultimate 7


Chopping your favorite fruits or veggies into tinier or smaller pieces is not necessarily a task fit for the crafty with hands. Anyone can easily do the job so long as the person has the right wits about it. 

But it does pose a serious risk of harm if you do it the traditional way, by means of a knife. Getting yourself accidentally cut as being the most common problem. The issue even becomes significantly more pressing the more intricate the output you are trying to produce.

The Spiralizer Ultimate 7 addresses this issue by letting the convoluted task of cutting or slicing fruits or veggies a more secure and streamlined process. This is thanks to the product’s perfect blend of complex design, featuring 7 stainless steel blades, and ingenious functionality.

How it works is actually pretty simple. Using your favorite blade and fruit or veggie in place in the tool, you let the Spiralizer Ultimate 7 make a grind-cut using a rotating handle. The overall process is not necessarily effortless. But it does lessen the risk of harm and the effort for the job when compared to doing it manually.


What I Like

While I do not necessarily have a phobia about cutting myself accidentally with a knife, the novelty that the Spiralizer Ultimate 7 offers is definitely a welcome experience in the kitchen. The product itself is not necessarily free from sharp parts. But how they have been incorporated is substantially less inclined to pose harm than the pointy knife. 

Another major perk that comes with Spiralizer Ultimate 7 is the inclusion of 7 easy-to-install and easy-to-remove unique blades that offer a variety of slices to any food. 

What I Don’t Like

However, before you would come to realize how amazing this product truly is, you might be hard-pressed to spend a little time familiarizing with the product. Although the learning curve is not necessarily steep by any stretch, it is not a kind of product that is easily understood right out of the box.

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