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10. Cozyna Air Fryer

Ever wished that the French fries you consume is healthful for you, instead of detrimental to your health? Hence, all the bad raps the fried potato—and all fried foods in general—garner as a food. But think about it—is not potato a healthy source of food with it being a bounty from nature?

The real problem is not the potato itself, which is a root crop that is rich in a variety of healthful nutrients. The real cause of the problems with anything that is cooked fried is actually the oil used in their cooking. In fact, even good oils if not consumed in moderation is bad for health. You can only imagine the level of damage which unhealthy oil poses to our wellbeing if used in cooking.

But what if I tell you that there is a means to “fry” the potatoes without using too much oil in the process? Unbelievable? 

Well, with Cozyna Air Fryer, you better believe it!

What I Like

Advocates of “oil-less” frying claim that this process is more realistic than just imaginative and the Cozyna Air Fryer is apparently a testament to that fact. While the method per se does not altogether removed the presence of cooking oil, it substantially mitigates the amount of cooking oil used in the process. Not only does this mean that you would be using less cooking oil with your fries every single time you cook, you also expose your body to less amount of oils, even with good ones. 

As the product’s name would insinuate, the “magic” comes down to the Cozyna Air Fryer’s ability to produce hot air which circulates in its cooking space that efficient heats and cooks whatever is in it. 

Adding to the overall convenience of cooking is the digital display which gives users pertinent information about the cooking process, including the temperature and the cooking time.

What I Don’t Like

One major complaint we have with the Cozyna Air Fryer is in the aspect of its cleaning, specifically the basket. Although it is understandable that this is the piece where the most mess lies given this is where the food is being cooked, cleaning every nook and cranny by hands is not always necessarily easy. 



  • Cooks with minimal oil
  • Efficient in cooking simple fried foods



  • Cleaning can be a chore at times
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