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6. NutriBullet NBR-1201

Health buffs cannot live a normal life without their daily doses of organic vitamins and minerals. For something that comes naturally from foods, one efficient method of extracting those needed healthful contents would oftentimes involve crushing and pulverizing ingredients into their far smaller parts through a blender. This is far more efficient than simply separating the juices from the solid parts by means of hands and is significantly more nutrient-dense as everything about the ingredients are intact—nothing is wasted.

For the genuine health-conscious people, therefore, a blender makes for a staple component of the kitchen and not something to miss out on—as quite literally, their health is dependent on it.

There are plenty of blender products that made their way into Amazon. But the NutriBullet NBR-1201 specifically caught our attention for a few notable factors—its seemingly innovative yet simplistic design, relative ease of use, in addition to its affordable price. 

What I Like

Right off the bat, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is a product that is unlike many of its kind. When most blenders are almost quite identical with one another in terms of physical appearance, this product by NutriBullet is quite unique, yet at the same time also familiar. The most conspicuous distinction lies in its size relative to its layout—yet, not large enough to be a concern in terms of consumable space. 

While nothing groundbreaking to brag about, the NBR-1201’s schematic is a stray from the traditional and an adoption of the trendier “top-down” approach. For a kind of alignment that goes against the laws of physics, the process is substantially spill-proof which makes usage simple and problem-free.  

As for performance, the NBR-1201 is a truly capable and versatile enough as a machine in what it does. It can literally break, whatever reasonably is thrown at it, into their far smaller components. But for optimum effectivity and as a precaution, it is always advisable to keep the ingredients to be mashed in chunks instead of putting everything you can fit into the container whole. 

What I Don’t Like

As much as we are pleased with how the product performs overall, it is not necessarily entirely perfect. In the case of this evaluation, it is noticed that the product itself is not entirely balanced—meaning, it shakes—when operating under load. However, the quality of the surface to where the product stands might also have an influence to it. Regardless, this flaw is quite concerning in that it cannot be left on its own to do its work which might be a factor to those who might be expecting a seamless level of functionality. 

Product NameDoes it run on energy?How many watts?PriceBuy Now
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NutriBullet NBR-1201Yes600$49.88Buy Now
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