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8. Mueller Austria Electric Kettle

Having some hot water for drink in the kitchen has become a staple in many households today. Whether the environmental condition is chilly or not, nothing beats a cup of joe or a cup of tea in one’s hand. Sometimes, when it is not about the weather, we simply like to sip from time to time as we go on throughout the rest of the day. For something that has become essential in most people’s lives, the kettle—which now comes in electric form—has built a reputation as a household name. 

The Mueller Austria Electric Kettle is a product which fuses the benefits that comes originally with the kettle as well as the convenience that comes with being electric-powered, hence the name. 

Yet, while the “electric kettle” does not necessarily replaces the traditional over-the-fire kettle, people who live their lives less dependent on gas—and therefore, fire—will find the modernized electric version to be a viable solution to producing hot water when needed. The idea, after all, is pretty simple and straightforward—just put a water in the electric kettle, plug it at your kitchen’s wall outlet, wait for a few minutes for the water to boil, and voila, you have already a hot water for your coffee or tea or for whatever other use you have in mind. 


What I Like

Some people may argue that the need for an electric kettle is nullified if a household either has other heating contraption in it like an over or an electric stove-top. While this is true, the difference boils down to one very important aspect of the comparison—the efficiency of electric usage. 

With the ability to produce hot water at a faster rate than both of the aforementioned contraptions, using the Mueller Austria Electric Kettle makes for an energy-efficient choice in the long run. Subsequently, this meant that reasonable use of this product suggests lower numbers on your electricity bill’s bottom line than when opting for other means. 

What I Don’t Like

The Mueller Austria Electric Kettle’s durability is a subject of debate. While many consumers find the product’s endurance to be satisfactory, there are those whose claims are otherwise. Personally, this is not an issue we have encountered given the limitations of the testing process—we have only tried to use the product a couple of times to see how it generally performs. But the probable major flaw mentioned is indeed worth pointing out. 

If, by any chance, you went ahead of purchased this product before or after reading this, it would be wise that keep the product’s warranty card and receipt in case something untoward it happens. 

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