Cholesterol is a waxy and supple substance found in our body. It is part of the elements in our body that helps in building healthy cells. There are two types of cholesterol that we have, the good and the bad. The bad ones bring the cholesterol inside our body while the good removes it from bloodstreams. Often, there is no definite symptoms that we can feel in our body that our cholesterol content is already high. So you could already have it on a higher level without you knowing. 

If you have high cholesterol, its excess will be stored by our body in the arteries, the one who brings the blood to the rest of our body. As this action continuous, cholesterol piles up in the arteries, creating huge blockage on the arteries. This may result to blood clot which stops the flow of blood in the arteries and across all our organs. This instance is the main cause of cases of heart attack that eventually leads to stroke. Most people do not know that they already have high cholesterol content such time that they experience this kind of threat in their life.

In most cases, people tend to have high cholesterol through the choices of food we eat. Aside from the liver which produces such content, the type of food we eat and the lifestyle of our picks in foods highly contributes on level of cholesterol we gain. Also, our lack of activities, exercise and physical workouts are another inputs on this problem. If we do not burn those fats we eat from our food, there is a higher possibility of forming higher triglycerides that creates those blockages on the arteries. Aside from our normal practices, it also believed that family history adds up the likelihood of having high cholesterol gain in our body. If it runs in your blood, from your grandparents, parents and relatives, the higher is the probability of you, acquiring the same situation. There is no way you could get out if it but a healthy way of living for your life.

Since high cholesterol does not show any early symptoms, there is no other better method that you could know it unless you decide to be checked by a physician and grab some laboratory test necessary to determine its current level. A simple blood test would easily identify the current level of your cholesterol in your body. It is most advisable to have this test especially for men on their early 30’s and for women on their early 40’s. Those with family history of having this case is also advised to try such cholesterol checking for early diagnosis, regardless of what age you are in now. Most physicians advise regular checking of these tests especially for those with early detection. Purpose is also for a constant and consistent monitoring and taking into action the ways of lowering such bad cholesterol you have.

Prevention is better that cure, as an old cliché of most people say. Before it is too late, and before we could even think of regretting the situation, it is best to start practicing a lifestyle with high concern for our body, with being very choosy and healthy in our food selection and in maintaining a fit form. Getting into active life with exercise and workouts highly contributes also in burning such cholesterol in our body. Sickness picks no age, regardless of what your status in life is. It strikes when the body is abused of its owner, and before it’s too late, let us give our body what it is due, what it really needs, because beating sickness is a very hard battle to fight.



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