Success Story of Josh Mojica – The owner of Kangkong Chips

Starting a business at a young age is not an easy feat. But who would have thought that a simple vegetable could make someone a millionaire? Well, that’s what happened to 17-year-old Josh Mojica. This young entrepreneur turned an easy vegetable recipe into a lucrative snack, allowing him to generate a million pesos in a year. And if you’re wondering how he earned that much with just a vegetable, keep reading as we share the success story of Josh Mojica, the owner of Kangkong Chips.

Like other young entrepreneurs, Josh “Jhelo” Mojica started with a small capital, which is P3,000, to launch his Kangkong Chips. In May 2021, Josh began planning his business venture when his aunt cooked Kangkong Chips for his grandfather’s birthday. The Kangkong Chips made by Josh’s aunt was so tasty and crispy, and even his grandfather could not believe the vegetable would be that tasty. At that time, Josh’s entrepreneurial instinct kicked in. Nevertheless, Josh also encountered distractions and difficulties before achieving success.

About Kangkong Chips

Before we delve deeper into the success story of Josh Mojica, let’s talk about the Kangkong Chips recipe. This product is made from locally sourced water spinach or kangkong. The Kangkong Chips are fried until crispy – a healthy, tasty, and affordable snack alternative! Josh carefully chooses quality and freshest kangkong to ensure every bite is flavorful and crispy. It’s the perfect snack for health enthusiasts as the product boasts of being free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. So, you can indulge in this guilt-free snack without worry.

In addition, Josh Mojica’s Kangkong Chips Original are hand-cooked and FDA and Halal-approved. It’s available in 7 flavors, including the Classic, BBQ, Cheese, Spicy Cheese, Sour Cream, Spicy, and Salt & Vinegar variants. That’s why the Kangkong Chips Original is tastier and more enjoyable to snack on for everyone. But how do they exactly make this snack? First, you’ll need kangkong leaves, egg, flour, cornstarch, salt, water, and oil. Remove the kangkong leaves from its stem and thoroughly wash them.

In a mixing bowl, make the batter mix by combining the cornstarch, flour, egg, salt, and water. Mix all the ingredients until the batter mix is smooth, and dip the kangkong leaves. Then, fry the Kangkong leaves in oil under medium heat until crispy. Now, you have your very own Kangkong Chips ready to be served! Also, don’t forget to make your favorite dipping sauce or toss it with whatever flavored powders you have. You can serve the Kangkong Chips as a movie night snack or appetizer with your go-to drink.

Success Story of Josh Mojica: Birth of Kangkong Chips

As mentioned earlier, Josh Mojica started his Kangkong Chips business in 2021. The entrepreneur is from Cavite and has a starting capital of P3,000. Using the recipe from his aunt, Josh cooked and sold the Kangkong Chips to his friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. He kickstarts his business with the helping hand of his classmates. They began with the production of Kangkong Chips packed in zip pouches. His business was booming, and he even received orders throughout the Philippines and overseas, including USA and Canada.

According to Josh, his Kangkong Chips can sell around 1,500 to 2,000 bags in one month, which costs P130 per pouch on his website. In 6 months, Josh generated a monthly revenue of P150,000. After a year of launching the product, his Kangkong Chips business earned a million in 2022, as per Mojica. Today, Josh owns a Kangkong chips factory, bought a company van, and employed 100 people. He hired his friends and family, as well as people with disability. Josh also owns a newly built two-story factory where he’ll move his business operations.

A Healthy Innovation into a Million Pesos Business

As life becomes more fast-paced and food less nutritious, people are always looking for healthy but affordable snack alternatives that they can eat on the go. That’s why offering a healthy yet tasty food option is a sure hit to consumers. No wonder that a simple Kangkong Chips recipe made Josh Mojica a millionaire. In the vlog of Julius Babao, Josh showed his Kangkong Chips factory and the process of making the product, from cleaning, cooking, and packing. Josh also sources his ingredients from local farmers to support the community.

Aside from that, he hired employees from his neighborhood, from people with a disability to former idlers. After earning a million pesos, Josh expanded his business by building a factory, hiring more people, and looking for more partners and resellers instead of buying properties or luxury stuff. In short, he did not become complacent and focused on improving his business to reach the success he enjoyed today. Josh Mojica also wants to share his success by proving they can make things possible as a team and encouraging the youth to start a business early.

Motivating Life Lesson turned into Business Purpose

Although the success story of Josh Mojica may sound unchallenging to some, that’s not the reality for the young entrepreneur. In fact, his motivation to sell Kangkong Chips stems from his eagerness to help his family as they struggle financially. In an interview, Josh mentioned that his grandfather gave him the confidence to venture into the business world. When Josh started his business in 2021, he paused it because he got hooked on playing video games. During this time, Josh mentioned he got inclined to teenage life distractions and was not that persistent.

But before his grandfather died in June, Josh was awakened by what he said and took his business seriously. According to Josh, his grandfather told him “Jhelo, hindi madali ang buhay, akala mo ba? Kaya huwag mong bababaan ang pangangarap.” (“Jhelo, life is not easy, do you think? So, don’t dream low.”) These words remained engraved in Josh’s memory, and he will never forget them. After that, Josh changed his life track and habits. He isolates himself to carry out his ideas into reality. He started designing a logo and packaging and bought the ingredients.

Then, he finished the products, did a shot, and advertised his Kangkong Chips on social media. In three days, Josh launched his business with a capital of P3,000. However, Josh was unable to show the finished product to his grandfather since he was brought to the hospital and eventually died due to his critical health condition. But instead of being disheartened, the death of his grandfather pushed him to succeed and expand his business. At present, Josh Mojica is an acknowledged young CEO and millionaire. He is also focused on enhancing his skills and continuing his studies to boost his Kangkong Chips business.


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