Success Story of Kuya Oliver Goto Bulalo from Batangas

Batangas is one of the go-to tourist destinations for those who wish to escape city life due to its proximity to Metro Manila. From its rich culture and beautiful churches to picturesque beaches and mountains, Batangas is undeniably worth visiting. It’s also famous for its Gotong Batangas, a must-try in town. Recently, a new food spot has been going viral on social media, where they switched up the recipe of the traditional Gotong Batangas. At Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan in Batangas, foodies can try an authentic recipe known as Goto Bulalo.

This Goto spot in San Juan has become one of the trending places in the South, attracting many visitors who want to fill their hungry tummies. Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan is not only popular with foodies and riders. It is also frequented by food vloggers and content creators. And as the hype continues, we can’t help but wonder how this local dining spot became a massive hit. Is it worth visiting, and what’s so special about their recipe that many people patiently queue as early as dawn? If you’re also intrigued, read on as we share the success story of Kuya Oliver Goto Bulalo from Batangas.

A Fusion of Local Delicacies: Goto & Bulalo

Whether it is the rainy season or craving a snack, Goto is a favorite merienda and comfort food for most Filipinos. It’s a riced porridge with lots of garlic, ginger, and slices of ox tripe. But in Batangas, Goto is cooked differently. While it’s still garlicky, the Gotong Batangas is a soup dish that contains cow or beef meat and innards. It also does not have rice in it. Instead, it’s eaten with rice, like Pinoys usually enjoy their viand. Due to its distinct flavor, this traditional Filipino offal soup became a specialty in Batangas, so you can find it throughout the province.

Another popular dish that Filipinos enjoy is Bulalo – a beef bone marrow soup with flavorful broth and lots of veggies. This hearty dish is perfect for the cold weather and is served in restaurants across the Philippines. In fact, many high-end restaurants in Tagaytay boast of having the best Bulalo in town. Although it became a must-have dish in Tagaytay, Bulalo is a staple diet for Batangueños. Like Gotong Batangas, this local delicacy is cooked for hours until rich, savory, and tender, making the meat fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.

Now, imagine combining these two flavorful dishes. You’ll get a hearty and savory dish – an overload of meat and innards in one bowl! Your mouth will surely water, and your tummy will rumble as you think of Kulay Oliver Goto Bulalo. So, it’s no wonder many people drive for hours to visit Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan in San Juan, Batangas. They queue as early as they can to try the original Goto Bulalo. However, there’s already a long queue even if they’re not yet open. Diners patiently wait until they get served despite long waiting times.

Success Story of Kuya Oliver Goto Bulalo: A Tasty and Meaty Experience

But what does this local food spot offer that others don’t? And who is the brilliant mind behind this successful business? Based on their Facebook page, this Gotohan has been operating since 1990, serving the original San Juan Goto. In 2000, they started serving the authentic original recipe Goto Bulalo. The owner of this Gotohan is Oliver Marasigan, hence the name. He is also the chief cook, still involved with the preparations despite his booming business. As the owner, Kuya Oliver ensures every dish is well-prepared, from cutting the meat and innards to boiling the savory soup. He even serves the orders and chats with customers.

At 6 am, they start accepting orders and serve customers for the first batch of food. The dining area is set up at Kuya Oliver’s garage, giving it a typical carinderia vibe. Also, note that the place is often jampacked, especially on weekends and holidays. Some even experience visiting the place as early as 5:30 am with plenty of people already queueing. Thus, always expect long queues when visiting Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan. If you didn’t make it for the first batch, it’s more likely that you’ll wait for another 2-3 hours until the next batch of Goto Bulalo is cooked and served. Anyway, you can visit the place on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Meat & Innards Overload

The most recommended dishes include Goto Na Bulalo, Goto Bulalo Overload, and Batangas Goto. Their Gotong Batangas is served with lots of meat. If you’re into innards, you can also request it upon ordering. But if you’re a fan of both, you can order the Goto Bulalo Overload to get a bowl filled with beef and innards. Another must-have dish is their famous Dinosaur Ribs, where you’ll be served a hefty amount of meat and innards, the perfect meal for those with big appetites. Their dishes are cooked for hours to ensure soft innards and beef that melts in the mouth.

At Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan, you’ll get huge serving ideal for 1 to 2 people. Since this Gotohan has a flavorful broth, the owner offers a free refill. So, diners can enjoy their soup at their heart’s content. They also sell Crispy Pupor made of fried pork belly. If you’re fearless, you can also try their Bat and Balls. This dish is not for the faint-hearted, as it contains the penis and testicles of a cow. Additionally, they provide calamansi and fried spicy garlic to elevate the soup’s flavor. But what’s unique about this place is the cooking process.

They traditionally cook the soup dish using woodfire, making the meat and innards more flavorful and juicier. It also gives a distinct and smoky flavor to the dish. That’s why many foodies and travelers visit Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan for the meaty and mouthwatering flavors they offer. Apart from that, their delicious food is surprisingly cheap. Plus, their staff are friendly and attentive, as well as the owner. These reasons alone make Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan a highly recommended and must-visit food spot in San Juan, Batangas.

How to get there

The vrial Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan is located at Sitio 6, Brgy. Mabalanoy (Silangan), San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. They’re open daily from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, this food spot is relatively far from the highway. The area is slightly underdeveloped, and the road heading to it gets muddy when raining. Also, the place is often crowded, and the waiting time may take 2-3 hours. Therefore, the ideal time to visit this place is early morning or weekdays.


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