Garlic & Mushroom Loaf Recipe

Ingredients: 1 loaf of French bread 11/2 cup softened butter 1 tsp. minced garlic 1 cup boiled and finely chopped button mushrooms 1 stp. Finely chopped parsley (optional) Ground black pepper to taste Cooking Instructions: Slice bread into pieces ½ Continue reading Garlic & Mushroom Loaf Recipe

French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe French Toast Recipe   Save Print Ingredients 6 pieces of sliced bread, cut diagonally, edges removed 2 cups of milk 2 eggs, beaten well a dash of salt Butter or oil to grease frying pan Instructions Dip Continue reading French Toast Recipe

Fish Cutlets Recipe

Ingredients: 1 small labahita, cleaned, skinned, and deboned 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup bread crumbs 2 tbsp. calamansi juice oil for frying. Seasonings: Salt and pepper Cooking Instructions:  Divide the fish into six filets. Rub  each filler with calamansi juice, Continue reading Fish Cutlets Recipe

Fish Patties with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Ingredients: ½ kilo boneless white fish fillets, chopped. 1 small carrot, grated 1 small zucchini, grated 3 green onions, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 small red chili pepper, chopped 2 tsp. grated fresh ginger 1 tbsp. chopped fresh coriander Continue reading Fish Patties with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Doughnuts with sweet yogurt Dip Recipe

Doughnuts with sweet yogurt Dip Recipe   Save Print Ingredients 2 cups self –raising flour; sifted ½ cup packaged ground almond 1 tbsp. butter, melted ½ cup plain yogurt (for dough) ¼cup warm water Extra butter for deep- frying ½cup Continue reading Doughnuts with sweet yogurt Dip Recipe

Coleslaw Recipe

Coleslaw Recipe Coleslaw has been appearing more frequently on our dining tables with good reason—if you’re serving fried food and need a tasty contrast to the crispness and grease on your plate, nothing comes quite as close as coleslaw to Continue reading Coleslaw Recipe

Avocado Salad Recipe

Ingredients: 3 large and ripe avocado, halved 1 cup banana, cubed 1 cup papaya, cubed ¼ cup milk White sugar (optional) Cooking Instructions: In a large bowl, mix banana and papaya with milk. Put mixture in the avocado halves. Chili Continue reading Avocado Salad Recipe

Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna Recipe Lasagna Recipe   Save Print Ingredients 1 kilo ground beef ¼ kilo lasagna noodles Quickmelt cheese 1 cup butter 1 medium can all- purpose cream 1 medium can evaporated milk 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 onion, diced 2 Continue reading Lasagna Recipe

Fish Balls Recipe

Fish Balls Recipe Fish Balls Recipe   Save Print Ingredients 2 cups flaked fish 4 tbsp. flour fresh or evaporated milk 2 tbsp. kinchay (finely chopped) or green onion leaves Oil for sautéing sugar Seasonings Soy sauce Vinegar Salt and Continue reading Fish Balls Recipe

Corn Fritters Recipe

Corn Fritters Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour, sifted 11/2 tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt 3 eggs 11/2 cups canned sweet corn(with cream}, drained 2 tbsp. white sugar 2 tbsp. Butter or margarine, Melted Oil for frying Cooking Continue reading Corn Fritters Recipe

Baked Mussels Recipe

Ingredients: ½ kilo fresh mussels (tahong) ½ cup softened butter ½ cup mozzarella cheese. Grated (or pasteurized cheese spread) 2 small pieces of ginger, peeled and thinly sliced 1 tbsp. chopped parsley 1 tsp. minced garlic fresh lemon slices or Continue reading Baked Mussels Recipe

Tinapa Fish Cakes & Spicy Veggies Recipe

Ingredients: 1 whole boneless tinapang bangus, flaked 3 large pcs potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed 1 egg, beaten salt and pepper, to taste oil for frying 3 tbsp butter 3 eggs, cooked sunny side up spring onions for garnish tomato Continue reading Tinapa Fish Cakes & Spicy Veggies Recipe

Baked Crab with Cheese Recipe

Ingredients: 2 crabs, thoroughly cleaned ½ onion, diced 4 tbsp. cheese powder oil for stir frying Seasoning: First: 2 scallions, 2 ginger slice, 1 tbsp. cooking wine Second: 3 tbsp. flour, 3 tbsp. Butter Third: 1 tbsp. cooking wine ½tsp. Continue reading Baked Crab with Cheese Recipe