Pineapple Fruit shake Recipe

Ingredients: 1 pineapple, peeled, cored and sliced 1 pint vanilla ice cream 1 cup milk Pinch of ground cinnamon Cooking Instructions: Combine sliced pineapple, ice cream, milk and cinnamon in a blender or food processor. Cover and blend until smooth. Continue reading Pineapple Fruit shake Recipe

Almond Lychee Granita Recipe

Ingredients: 500 ml water 155 grams sugar 500 gram can lychee, drained Almond flavoring Cooking Instructions: Place a metal pan in the freezer to chill. Place water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir for five minutes Continue reading Almond Lychee Granita Recipe

Tanglad Iced Tea Recipe

All of us wanted to intake what’s good and helpful to our body,now try this healthy “Iced Tea”…the “Tanglad Iced Tea“. Don’t you know that “Tanglad”,also known as “Lemongrass”,has a big help in terms of taking care of our body? Continue reading Tanglad Iced Tea Recipe

Four Seasons Juice Recipe

Ingredients: 250 ml pineapple juice 250 ml mango juice 250 ml dalandan juice 250 ml guyabano juice white sugar to taste ice cubes Cooking Instructions: Mix all ingredients. Put in ice cubes and serve.

Halo-Halo Recipe

Halo-Halo Recipe Halo-Halo Recipe   Save Print Ingredients 1 ripe large banana 2 ripe mangoes 1 cup firm gelatin set into gel and cut into ½-inch cubes 1 cup ripe jackfruit ½ cup sweet corn or chick peas (garbanzos) 1 Continue reading Halo-Halo Recipe

Buco Melon Shake Recipe

Ingredients: half a melon one coconut with tender meat (mala-kanin, not mala-uhog) 500 ml of coconut water 250 ml fresh milk sugar to taste ice Cooking Instructions: Scoop out the seeds of the melon. With a spoon, scrape the meat Continue reading Buco Melon Shake Recipe

Hot White Chocolate With Cinnamon Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups whole milk 4 oz white chocolate, chopped ½ tsp vanilla extract Pinch ground cinnamon Whipped cream, for garnish White chocolate curls, for garnish Cooking Instructions: In a small saucepan, heat milk over low heat. Whisk in white Continue reading Hot White Chocolate With Cinnamon Recipe

Chocolate Drink (Tsokolate) Recipe

Ingredients: 1 18.6-ounce pack chocolate containing 6 tablets (recommended brand is Ibarra, which can be purchased at Hispanic food stores) 6 cups milk 6 egg yolks Cooking Instructions: Cut chocolate tablets into small pieces. Boil the milk and add all Continue reading Chocolate Drink (Tsokolate) Recipe

Frozen Mango-Banana Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: 2 pcs ripe lakatan, frozen 1 pc mango, frozen 1 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup milk Cooking Instructions: In a blender, put all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve.

Tamarind Tea Recipe

Ingredients: 5 pcs fresh sampaloc, boiled and squeezed 3 cups hot water 3 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp lime juice Cooking Instructions: In a pot, boil water and add brown sugar until dissolved. Then pour tamarind juice and add lime Continue reading Tamarind Tea Recipe

Milky Avocado With Tapioca Recipe

Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados, halved and pitted 1 1/2 cup milk 1 cup plain yogurt 3 tbsps honey 1 cup crushed ice 1 cup tapioca, cooked Cooking Instructions:  Place tapioca in glasses and set aside. Put the rest of the Continue reading Milky Avocado With Tapioca Recipe

Orange Lemon Fizz Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups Lime soda 1 pc orange, peeled 1 pc lemon, peeled 1/2 cup crushed ice 1 tbsp sugar mint for garnish Cooking Instructions: Place everything in a blender and pulse. Pour into glass and garnish with mint

Cookies & Cream Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: 1 cup chocolate cookie and cream 3 cups vanilla ice cream Cooking Instructions: Place everything in a blender and pulse. Serve immediately.