Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya 

Although characterized by not-so-appealing appearance, the nutritive value of this fruit (yes, it is a fruit and not a vegetable!) is beyond sufficient to compensate for whatever it seemingly lacks. In fact, you might even be caught in wonder how a single kind of bitter-tasting wrinkled fruit could possibly contain this spectrum of goodness that it actually has! It is so beneficial in terms of improving one’s health that up until now, it is used as a subject of study for varying medicinal purposes. 

The list of health benefits is usually linked with the main compounds which could be found in ampalaya, which then is led by folate, potassium, Vitamin A, C, and even zinc.  

Basically, ampalaya also known as bitter melon, bitter gourd or on scientific stage, Momordica charantia is cultivated worldwide and is used for different cuisines. In Philippines, it is used in many decadent dishes

Other than the option of consuming it in dishes, it could also be taken in juice form. With the right mix including honey or even pairing it with sweet fruits, you’re then all set in experiencing the magic that this wriggled green stuff has to offer!

Eager to know what they are and in what ways it could boost up your health? Brace yourselves because here we go. 


  1. Decreases Risk of Acquiring Cancer

Ampalaya has several big-time healthy side effects and one of which that is most considerable is its ability to withhold the risks of developing cancer.  Basically, like all the other cancer-fighting food, they are said to have this benefit because of their ability to directly attack cancer cells. 

This anti-cancer effect is in its utmost potent in the form of this fruit’s juice. One of the already proven cancer it fights off is the cancer in the pancreas through killing what is pertained to as pancreatic carcinoma cells. 

This killing of cells occurs through apoptosis, or the ability to force foreign cells to undergo “suicide”. Through the help of a very special compound found in this fruit which specifically is the dihydroxy-a-eleostearic acid, the said form of cell death are experienced by these harmful cancer cells. 

Additional contents known to be in significant amount which could be found in this that are also crucially pinpointed as the fuel for the said ability to attack cancer cells are in the form of what we call as charantin, momordicin and polypeptide p. Basically, they are responsible for boosting the sugar intake of the healthy cells in our body, hence, leaving the cancer cells with no nutrients to gather for their growth. 


  1. Beats Off Diabetes

Compounds containing the same properties as insulin is proven to have the same ability that insulin has against diabetes- which is controlling the perpetuation of the mechanism that leads to it. Mainly, this control is best shown through the level of one’s blood glucose. As it is a general knowledge that excessive levels of blood glucose are responsible for Type 2 diabetes, it is a common understanding that anything that of which has the capability to suppress or decrease the said amount is a gift against diabetes. 

This glucose control is done through what we call as the “glycemic control”. This mechanism is closely related with boosting up the glucose uptake in the body. Both of which are attributed as a proven benefit for the fruit on highlight that we have on this page. 

It must be noted though that because of its capabilities to significantly reduce the glucose level in the body, it is professionally advised for this fruit or any form of it not be taken alongside with diabetic medication or else, the blood sugar might be too low to be functional and efficient enough for the body needs. 

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