Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya 

  1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Heart diseases, for a long time already, haven’t ceased occupying the top few seats as for the reason of the everyday death- worldwide. This is worsened by the living condition that we have today and the non-health-oriented food intake and choices that we have at present. 

There are many ways to combat the said but one easy way is to plan a regular diet consisting of ampalaya as the one of the main ingredients. Welp, there are many ways existent and you can always do an experiment. Pretty sure it won’t hurt as much as losing the chance to live longer, right?

Slowing down the development of heart disease through the help of this fruit is due to its active compounds’ ability to eliminate what we call as the “bad” cholesterol. 

In addition to that, since we’ve already discussed ampalaya’s power on halting down one’s glucose level, this also allows better circulation and exchange of nutrients in between blood vessels- that of which is highly important for a healthy heart.  


  1. Takes Care of Your Liver

Liver besides from producing one of the most significant compound that the body needs for breaking down the food that we eat- specifically those fats so that our body could pull out the good use out of them, also has different performing functions that is connected to not only one but several systems in our body. 

That is why taking care of your liver is a must- and eating ampalaya is there to help you. Ampalaya, again in the form of juice detoxifies the liver and alongside, saves it from the acquisition of several possible liver issues. 

With the active compound called charantia, the liver is defended through fueling up the activities of antioxidants in the form of enzymes. 


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