Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya 

  1. Improves Skin Complexion

Can a wrinkled fruit provide you the complexion opposite to itself?

Well, excuse me but ampalaya is nothing but intimidating in that area. Despite its appearance, with the significant amount of vitamin C that it has, you are sure to benefit with its skin-glowing effects. 

Vitamin C in sufficient rate could visibly decrease the many signs of ageing. Also, it could diminish the presence of blemishes as well as improve your skin’s ability to heal from any wounds/injuries. 


  1. Creates a Shinier Hair

Not only your shampoo could do the work! Indeed. Because ampalaya also can. 

Since your hair contributes to a considerable percentage to your overall attractiveness, you must make it sure that you’re not missing that percent out! With the vitamins A, C, zinc and also, biotin- amapalaya is a sure ball when it comes to the appeal of making your hair shiny as well as protected from any damage that both the environment and your age could lead it into. 

Besides from consuming it as a food, specifically for this purpose, you can also apply ampalaya juice directly to your hair! Leave it for half an hour and rinse thoroughly, then you’re all good to go!


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